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Chapter 431: 431

It was none other than Mu Yaoyao herself .

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Mu Yaoyao came out of Northern Feng Mansion, walked around Feng Wu, and looked the latter up and down .

She smacked her lips . “Weren’t you crazy about His Royal Highness? And weren’t you cuddling with Yu Mingye in the street after dark? Why, you’ve moved on to Young Lord Feng now? Well, he won’t even see you . Hahaha —”

After she was done laughing at Feng Wu, Mu Yaoyao said to Captain Zhou, “This is Miss Feng Wu . That’s right, the useless Miss Wu, who can think of nothing but chasing after men . Get her out of here before she upsets Young Lord Feng . ”

After that, Mu Yaoyao left with a gloating smile on her face .

Immediately, everyone looked at Feng Wu strangely .

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Crazy about His Royal Highness?

Cuddling with Yu Mingye in the dark?

And she was after Young Lord Feng now?

Wait… The girl was so pretty and elegant . Could she really be that kind of person? Captain Zhou frowned .

He wasn’t going to offer Feng Wu any help anymore, but was going to chase her away —

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Just then, a carriage stopped outside the manor and some maids helped a graceful noble lady down from the magnificent vehicle .

“Little Feng Wu?”

Lady Northern Feng’s eyes lit up when she spotted Feng Wu .

Lady Northern Feng dismissed her maids Ziyuan and Lanyuan immediately and hurried toward Feng Wu . Her pretty eyes twinkled with excitement as she said in surprise, “Little Feng Wu, it’s really you!”

Lady Northern Feng was really fond of Feng Wu, to the point that she wanted to smuggle Feng Wu into Northern Feng Mansion and raise the girl as her own daughter .

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She would have defended Feng Wu during the banquet at the Yan manor, but one thing led to another, and before she could do so, Feng Wu was gone .

“Lady Northern Feng?” Feng Wu smiled wholeheartedly .

If it wasn’t for the lady’s help five years ago, Feng Wu wouldn’t have been able to take her family all the way to Northern Border City when she had been so weak herself .

“It’s really you!” As a daughter of a general, Lady Northern Feng was very forthright herself . She greeted Feng Wu with a smack on the latter’s shoulder . “What were you thinking? You haven’t come visit me after you got back . I see you’ve forgotten about me!”

Before Feng Wu could say another word, Lady Northern Feng went on . “Look at you . You were such a pretty little thing back then and you’re stunning now . No man will be good enough for you!”

Captain Zhou mumbled something at that moment .

“What was that?” Lady Northern Feng caught a word or two of what he said, and she frowned and asked the question in a harsh tone .

Intimidated by Lady Northern Feng’s stern countenance, Captain Zhou lowered his gaze . “It was something Miss Mu said before she left… She said that Miss Feng wouldn’t leave His Royal Highness alone, but she was hitting on Yu Mingye the sacred son at the same time, and that she was moving on to our young lord now…”

” Smack! ”

Lady Northern Feng flared up . “That’s bullshit! What was she thinking? Xiao Wu would never do those things! Do all noble young ladies nowadays behave that way? Slandering other people with the most groundless rumors? Go get Mu Yaoyao back here! I’m going to question her myself!”

Despite how fierce the lady was, Captain Zhou never questioned anything she said . He saw the light immediately . So, Miss Mu had made all those things up .

Young ladies nowadays were so unbelievable…

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