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Chapter 430: 430

“Y- Your Royal Highness?” Chang San was genuinely frightened .

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Endless spiritual energy spread out from Jun Linyuan like a formidable dark storm .

Crack —

Turning around, Chang San saw that Nameless Lake, which had been rippling with blue waves a moment ago, had frozen over . Moreover, the ice was cracking as he watched .

That was so terrifying —

Jun Linyuan then tossed Chang San aside and headed for the gate .

Chang San patted his chest, still shaken .

To others, he was the extraordinary General Chang, but when the crown prince was around…

Feng, who had been standing next to Jun Linyuan, darted a casual look at Chang San before following his master out .

That look finally made Chang San see the light!

That was it!

He totally saw it now!

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“Holy shit!” General Chang, who was known for his seriousness and discretion, smacked himself on his thigh!

How could he have missed that?!

His Royal Highness was obviously jealous!

He was so in love with Miss Feng Wu!

Recalling how he had offended Miss Feng Wu, Chang San broke into a cold sweat .

At the same time .

Feng Wu was outside Northern Feng Mansion .

It was as grand as she had expected .

Two enormous stone lions stood on either side of the gate, looking magnificent and mighty .

Those eyes had an intimidating feel to them!

Feng Wu was stopped at the gate .

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She got right to the point . “I’m here to see Feng Xun . ”

“May we have your name please —”

Impressed with Feng Wu’s stunning beauty and posture, the captain of the guards asked the question politely .

He was going through various names in his head: since when was there such a beauty in the imperial capital? Why hadn’t he heard of this?

“Tell him that it’s Miss Wu of the Feng family,” Feng Wu said proudly, crossing her hands behind her back .

Miss Wu of the Feng family?!

The captain’s eyes widened and he looked intrigued .

That Miss Feng Wu who was supposed to have fallen?

“Miss Wu, please wait here a moment . ”

The captain went inside in a hurry .

Feng Xun’s courtyard was called “No Mercy . ”

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Right now, the door to No Mercy Yard was tightly shut!

” Knock, knock — ” The captain knocked on the door .

“Sir, Miss —”

“Go away!”

Feng Xun bellowed in irritation!

“But Sir, it’s —”

“I don’t care who it is! I’m not coming out even if it’s Jun Linyuan himself!”

Seeing his bruised face in the mirror, Young Lord Feng wanted to cry… How was he supposed to go out with a face like this?

Rejected, the captain shook his head, sighed, and headed back .

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help, but his master wouldn’t see anyone .

“Miss Feng Wu, Young Lord Feng isn’t seeing any visitors today . ” Captain Zhou smiled at Feng Wu awkwardly . “I’m afraid you’ll have to come back some other day . ”

Feng Wu frowned a little . “He’s not receiving visitors?”

“No . ”

“He said so himself?”

“Yes . ”

Naturally, Captain Zhou omitted the part about Jun Linyuan .

Feng Wu was bewildered .

Why wouldn’t Feng Xun see her? Something wasn’t right here .

“Sorry about turning you down,” Captain Zhou said attentively . “Miss Wu, are you alright going back on your own? Shall I arrange an escort for you?”

To be fair, Captain Zhou was a kind man .

However —

“Why, isn’t it Feng Xiaowu? What? You’re in trouble and need Young Lord Feng to save you?” said a taunting voice .

Feng Wu looked up . So, it was true . Enemies were bound to meet —

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