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Chapter 43

Chapter 43: This Young Man……Is There Really Nothing Wrong With His Brain?

Previously when her mouth was filled with mud, wasn’t there a person who laughed at her with a ‘pftt’?

It was indeed this face, it was the same pair of eyes.

And the present Yu Ling Ye was squatting in front of Feng Wu, his chin rested on his right hand, as he sized her up and down. He even stared at her with a gaze filled with aversion.

Feng Wu. “Uh uh uh uh——.”

“Oh——” Yu Ming Ye finally reacted, his right forefinger tapped twice on the center of Feng Wu’s stomach.

“Oh.” Feng Wu immediately found that she could move again.

She immediately faced the romantic eyed Yu Ming Ye and asked. “Who are you? Why did you want to kidnap me? What do you want in the end?”

Yu Ming Ye prepared his heart to receive this ugly girl as he squatted

on the ground and rested his chin in his hand as that pair of bewitching, limpid eyes stared at Feng Wu. That face unexpectedly appeared to be somewhat cute. Feng Wu was also dumbfounded.

“Guess who am I?” Yu Ming Ye demonically charming eyes rose and teased Feng Wu a bit.

Feng Wu’s brains rapidly worked, suddenly, her eyes shined and smiled mysteriously. “If I guess correctly, will you let me go?”

“You think there’s this kind of possibility?” Yu Ming Ye poked at Feng Wu’s cheek. “Guess quick, if you fail to guess, you won’t be able to preserve your life.”

Feng Wu shot a glance at him, not paying attention to him anymore.

Yu Ming Ye was angered to the point of smiling!

He was unexpectedly ignored by a little ordinary girl? Yo hey~

“You’re not afraid of death?” Yu MIng Ye curiously turned his gaze towards this young girl. Before even considering anything else,

else, just her calm as the wind demeanor alone, in spite of having been reduced to a prisoner, could in fact make a person look at her a few more times. Those mediocre facial features instead seemed to be a little tiny bit refreshing to the eye.

Feng Wu remained curt. “You won’t kill me.”

“Why are you so sure?” Yu Ming Ye asked curiously.

Feng Wu rolled her eyes. “You captured me in the dead of night, is it just so you could kidnap me to kill me? Excuse me, what enmity and what hate is there?”

Yu Ming Ye actually took a few more looks at Feng Wu.

This young girl’s appearance was quite ordinary, yet her courage truly made a person have no choice but look at her a few more times. Sigh, if it wasn’t for her face that’s really too commonplace, can’t say for sure, he might truly grow fond of

fond of this girl.

Because this temperament was to his liking.

“You’re actually intelligent, no wonder Jun Lin Yuan would treat you differently.” Yu Ming Ye glanced at Feng Wu with a smile that’s not a smile. “However, what that girl said just now was right, it’s impossible for Jun Lin Yuan to marry you!”

Feng Wu was dumbfounded: “……”

“It’s true, you should believe me, everyone said that the Jun imperial clan and the Feng clan’s engagement was annulled, when in fact, that marriage agreement has truly not been removed, Feng Wu is still your Crown Prince Jun’s unmarried wife.” Yu Ming Ye attempted to drive a wedge between them.

Feng Wu speechlessly faced the sky and indistinctly said. “I don’t need you to remind me of it again……”

Previously, when Feng Wu and Jun Lin Yuan conversed, she already knew it. Why did he still bring up this matter again?

Feng Wu’s heart almost collapsed, therefore, she collapsed, therefore, she cried without tears.

Yu Ming Ye noticed that Feng Wu looked to be quite like who’s alive but who’s heart was dead, because Feng Wu seemed broken-hearted, he therefore continued to instigate her. “What’s so good about Jun Lin Yuan? He held onto Feng Wu without annulling their marriage yet is also not marrying her, there’s also that Zuo Qing Luan eyeing him covetously. You tell me, your looks are so mediocre, even if he treated you a bit well, he also couldn’t possibly marry you.”

Feng Wu. “……”

“Look at me, hurry and look at me——” Yu Ming Ye’s hands held onto Feng Wu’s lower jaws, that pair of watery rippled soul stirring eyes blinked. “Look at me, I’m pretty good looking, aren’t I? I’m no way inferior to Jun Lin Yuan, right?”

Feng Wu speechlessly placed her hand on her forehead, this young man……is there really nothing wrong with his brains?

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