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Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Help Me Get the Immortal Spirit Fruit

The young man rested his chin on his hands as that pair of enchanting, soul absorbing eyes suffused with watery sparkles insisted that Feng Wu look at him. Feng Wu could only nod silently as she dispiritedly shot a glance at him.

“Am I beautiful? Am I more good-looking than Jun Lin Yuan?” Yu Ming Ye winked at Feng Wu.

This ambly experienced expression of his, in the past, with merely with a curl at the outer corners of his eyes and all the other young girls would absolutely be mesmerized into a giddy state, no longer aware of what day or night is. With one look, he could tell that the girl before him was easy to hook.

Feng Wu. “……” With regards to men, wasn’t saying that a man was beautiful a derogatory remark?

“What do you think?” Feng Wu uncomfortably asked.

“It’s impossible for Jun Lin Yuan to give

you a position, but I can give one to you! Jun Lin Yuan won’t marry you, but I can marry you!” The young man made a fist, and appeared to vow solemnly. “I’m actually the Dark Court’s heir, therefore, as long as you place yourself in my hands, I will certainly provide you with a lifetime of riches and honor……”

The young man proudly made a vow, but at the moment, Feng Wu——

She stared at Yu Ming Ye, her gaze lifeless, because actually, her soul had already left her early on. Her entire brain was only obsessed with contemplating about the matter of the Immortal Spirit Fruit, Immortal Spirit Fruit, Immortal Spirit Fruit……

What in the world did she need to do to be able to snatch it from Jun Lin Yuan’s hand and land it in her own hands? Using force to fight for it certainly won’t work, therefore she could only outwit him.

However, Jun Lin Yuan

Yuan watched over the Immortal Spirit Fruit closely. What kind of method could she possibly use to be effective?

Feng Wu’s brain was filled with these thoughts. She thought about it so much her brain even hurt.

Yu Ming Ye watched Feng Wu’s lifeless face, and his eyes became even more delighted.

This young girl was starry-eyed with infatuation for him!

Ha haha——

Didn’t he say it before!

His looks was universally viewed to be incomparably beautiful in the world. It’d be strange if the young girl wasn’t smitten with him into a confused and disoriented state, ha haha. This was Jun Lin Yuan’s woman, heh! From this, couldn’t it be proven that he’s more attractive than Jun Lin Yuan? Ha haha——

The young man couldn’t help but face the sky and laughed.

Feng Wu was startled by this unrestrained laughter and regained her senses in an instant as her pair of bright, lively eyes, turned towards Yu Ming Ye in confusion.

Without waiting for her

for her to ask for an explanation, the young man took a hold of Feng Wu and said with a heart full of excitement. “Young girl, betray Jun Lin Yuan and work for me in the future, our Dark Court surely won’t treat you unfairly!”

Betray Jun Lin Yuan? Feng Wu was stupefied. When did she say she wanted to betray Jun Lin Yuan?

Without waiting for Feng Wu to explain, Yu Ming Ye’s entirely excited and emotionally stirred face continued. “Therefore, the Immortal Spirit Fruit’s mission will be given to you! Steal the Immortal Spirit Fruit from Jun Lin Yuan’s hands and give it to me and I’ll give you status!”

“Huh?” Feng Wu completely ignored the second half of Yu Ming Ye’s words, as her brain rumbled intensely as if a sudden clap of thunder passed by!

Help Yu Ming Ye steal the Immortal Spirit Fruit from Jun Lin Yuan’s hands? !

Right at this split second!

Originally caught in a dilemma, in a dilemma, Feng Wu’s brain seemed as if a dose of medicine has been poured into it. In a flash, her head cleared up and became abundantly inspired. She became totally excited!

Her pair of eyes became clear and full of life. At present, she actually stared unblinkingly at Yu Ming Ye!

Yu Min Ye’s heart was stunned by Feng Wu’s stare as it shook!

However, he quickly surmised that this girl became so excited to this extent, because she heard that he would give her a position?

Sigh, didn’t he say it already, how could this kind of ordinary girl restrain herself when the position of Yu Ming Ye’s wife was offered to her?

“Immortal Spirit Fruit?” Feng Wu recovered as much of a mild tone of voice as possible before she turned towards Yu Ming Ye. There was even a trace of incredulity in her eyes. “So you mean to say that I should help you obtain the Immortal Spirit Fruit?”

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