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Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Carried Away on Shoulders

Such powerful strength!

What a terrifying power!

Yu Ming Ye turned towards Jun Lin Yuan descending from midair, he suddenly became aware that in the short time they hadn’t seen each other, Jun Lin Yuan had unexpectedly became even more powerful than before!

This opponent is one I like!

Yu Ming Ye clenched his fists, in the darkness he waved. Several small black dots disappeared in the boundless dim of night.

As Jun Lin Yuan descended, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi already flew upwards, one to his left and one to his right, escorting him with pleasantly surprised expressions.

“Boss Jun!”

“Yeah.” Jun Lin Yuan’s face was nevertheless like an iceberg, his expression as unmoving as a mountain.

“The Ninth Evolution Jade Saint Python is dead? Boss Jun, your strength increased quite a lot!” Feng Xun was unable to

hold back the excitement in his heart.

But Jun Lin Yuan responded. “It was injured.”

“I know!” It was difficult for Feng Xun to contain his excitement. “Wasn’t the python also injured because you schemed against Yu Ming Ye’s group? It’s ultimately still your work, hahahaha the Immortal Spirit Fruit, the Immortal Spirit Fruit finally is in our hands!”

On that exceptionally godlike face of Jun Lin Yuan’s appeared a faint arc.

This is the first time Feng Wu had seen the corners on Jun Lin Yuan’s mouth curve up ever since she met him.

Feng Wu’s heart skipped a beat——

It seemed that the Immortal Spirit Fruit was also quite important to Jun Lin Yuan, otherwise, why would he rushed from the capital to such distant parts?

And even revealed such a satisfied smiling expression when he saw the Immortal Spirit Fruit?


Feng Wu

Wu clenched her fists tightly!

The Immortal Spirit Fruit was hers, and could only be hers!

What could she do in order to snatch the Immortal Spirit Fruit from Jun Lin Yuan’s hands?

Feng Wu thought about it until her brains almost cracked, yet she couldn’t think of a good method.

Because Jun Lin Yuan was too smart, vigilant and observant, and his strength was also at such a terrifying level……Feng Wu discovered distressfully that it might’ve been better off for the Immortal Spirit Fruit to remain in the Jade Saint Python’s grasp, that way, she might’ve still had a chance. As it is, she completely didn’t know how to make a move now?

What could she do……? What could be done…..? Feng Wu thought until her brains were in knots, yet still didn’t think of a good method.

Very quickly, they arrived at

arrived at their previous campsite.

Feng Xun said. “Evening is approaching, it’s not good to take to the road at night. Everyone’s tired, let’s rest for the night once again. We’ll wake up early tomorrow and be on our way.”

After lying down.

Feng Wu wrapped in a blanket tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep, the Immortal Spirit Fruit was within her sights and actually within reach, but she really couldn’t come up with any idea at all. This made her feel a suffocating sense of defeat.

Could it be that she’d need to make use of the honey trap?

Feng Wu smiled bitterly, Jun Lin Yuan certainly wouldn’t take the bait, then how about…..

While Feng Wu tossed and turned, suddenly, an ice-cold figure approached by her side and firmly covered her mouth.

Feng Wu’s two eyes glared fiercely at the covered face.

A black clothed face.

A black clothed human figure sealed Feng Wu’s mute acupoint, rolled her up in the blanket, carried her on his shoulder and ran!

“You……” Feng Wu wanted to yell, however, she tragically found out that she surprisingly couldn’t make a sound.

She wanted to twist her body loose yet helplessly discovered that her acupoint had been sealed, therefore, she couldn’t move when she tried.

And at this moment, Feng Xun and the others were cultivating. None of them realized that she had disappeared.

It was unknown how much time had passed. Thump. Feng Wu and the blanket both fell onto the ground, as it unrolled continually as her body was finally hurled out of the blanket.

Feng Wu hadn’t even gotten up when her gaze locked with the other person’s pair of enchanting and romantic eyes. This pair of eyes……Feng Wu’s heart abruptly jumped!

She remembered!

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