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Published at 20th of February 2020 05:15:18 AM
Chapter 423

“That’s great . ” Feng Wu nodded with a smile . “It’s faster than I expected . The Ultimate Spiritual Body is indeed incredible . ”

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Granny Zhao came in with breakfast at that moment and she almost dropped her tray when she heard the conversation .

“Level 3?! Young Master Qi is a Level 3 Spiritual Master already?!” Granny Zhao was astonished .

“That’s right . ” Feng Xiaoqi gloated .

“Level 3? Who are you talking about?” A teenager hurried toward them .

It was none other than Yu Mingye .

However, Granny Zhao stopped him before he could set foot inside . It wouldn’t be appropriate for him to enter a young lady’s bedchamber .

Feng Xiaoqi rushed out as well and glared at Yu Mingye .

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Yu Mingye’s eyes lit up when he spotted Feng Xiaoqi . “Hey, weren’t you Level 1 yesterday? Why are you Level 3 already? Did you take an elixir or something?”

“Of course not!” Feng Xiaoqi said earnestly .

“Then how did you do it?” Yu Mingye didn’t believe him .

“How?” That question baffled Feng Xiaoqi . Tilting his head, he said, “I don’t know . I fell asleep while cultivating and when I woke up, I was a Level 3 Spiritual Master . ”

Yu Mingye refused to believe it!

No one could make progress that effortlessly . Even a genius like himself had to climb up one step at a time .

“It’s not like you’re an ancient divine beast,” Yu Mingye mumbled .

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Just then, the door opened and Feng Wu came out, looking refreshed .

Yu Mingye’s face lit up at the sight of Feng Wu .

“You have everything?” Feng Wu asked .

Yu Mingye nodded . “I’ve prepared everything you asked for . But are you sure I can bring everything here?”

Since Feng Yanfeng was still in charge of the manor, Feng Wu gave it some thought, then said, “I’ll go have a look with you . ”

Yu Mingye was looking forward to a moment alone with Feng Wu . “That’s great . ”

“Sister, I’m coming with you!” Feng Xiaoqi glared at Yu Mingye, viewing the latter a dumb bear that was trying to lure his sister away . As dumb as this guy looked, he was still a suspicious bear . Read the next chapter on our vipnovel . com

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However, at that moment —

A tumult of voices came from outside, which didn’t sound very nice at all .

Granny Zhao hurried out to have a look and she frowned at what she saw .

Half a dozen grannies stood outside and were making veiled accusations of the people of Fallen Star Yard .

A short distance away, other servants were stealing glances in this direction .

“Lady Wang must have sent them —” Granny Zhao frowned . “Miss, the main kitchen stopped sending us fresh food since this morning .

“And water, too,” Granny Zhao added . “Are they going to starve us to death now?”

Feng Wu frowned . It seemed that Lady Wang was openly confronting her now .

With all the cultivators here, they were in urgent need of an undisturbed environment .

Feng Wu told Uncle Qiu, who had come out in a hurry, “Uncle Qiu, go out now and see if there’s any house on sale . ”

“No problem . ”

“Miss, are we moving out?” Granny Zhao was a little concerned . “Without the protection of the clan, other people may covet your mother for her beauty…”

Feng Wu shook her head . “I’m always out and about . Leaving you all in the manor is even more dangerous . As for our safety after we move out… I’ll figure something out soon . ”

She then turned to Yu Mingye . “Take everything to my new house after that’s settled . It’ll save us an extra trip . ”

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