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Chapter 422: 422

She didn’t want to pile up the space with too much stuff, for it felt disrespectful toward her beautiful master .

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After reaching the Spiritual Grandmaster stage, Feng Wu could make complicated seals with her hands now .

Raising both hands, Feng Wu’s fingers moved swiftly . A golden seal soon appeared in the air, which then buried itself in the two chests .

No matter where these two chests of spiritual stones were taken, she would be able to find them when she needed them later .

Wait, was that a small chest of jade stones? Judging by the thick layer of dust over the chest, it had sat there for a very long time .

Feng Wu was anything but courteous and she took all the jade stones .

She then summoned Feng Tutu back .

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As expected —

After Feng Tutu deliberately made some noise, all the guards were lured away again!

Taking the opportunity, Feng Wu shot out of the window on the second floor and hid herself in the shadows of the trees .

Feng Tutu was unbelievably fast for how plump it looked . The guards had zero luck trying to catch up with it and they eventually gave up .

Feng Wu sat down happily at the table after she got back to Fallen Star Yard .

“Miss —” Granny Zhao came in with some sweet lotus seed soup and almost dropped the bowl when she saw all the white and green jade stones on the table .

“Miss, wh- where did you get those?” She had only gone off to make a late night snack and her mistress had made a quick profit in that short period of time?

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What Feng Wu was doing at the moment was a reckless waste of this natural treasure .

She was extracting jade essence .

The white jade stones were softer in texture and the green ones were harder . But to Feng Tutu, as long as the jade stone could provide it with jade essence, it didn’t care how soft or hard the stone was .

Feng Wu looked up at Granny Zhao and gave the latter a smile . “What do you think?”

“They belong to the clan, don’t they?” Granny Zhao said in resignation .

“Yup,” Feng Wu said in a devil-may-care tone . “To other people, these stones are pretty jewelry pieces they can carry around, but to Feng Tutu, they’re its favorite food . ”

Feng Wu had discovered one of Feng Tutu’s abilities already, which was to provide her with spiritual energy .

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Feng Wu had been in desperate need of some extra spiritual energy when she was breaking through to the Spiritual Grandmaster stage . She couldn’t have made that progress without Feng Tutu’s contribution .

Feng Tutu was like the ultimate healer, and its ability would be of great use in combat!

As tiny as it was now, it could already produce quite a lot of spiritual energy . What would happen when it grew bigger? Feng Wu was looking forward to it .

The following day .

A little after dawn .

“Sister! Sister! Sister!”

Feng Wu was still asleep when Feng Xiaoqi rushed into her room and shook her arm in excitement .

Last night, Feng Wu had extracted jade essence from all the jade stones she obtained, which had exhausted her . She fell asleep right after .

“Sister —” Feng Xiaoqi’s voice seemed to have a penetrating power .

“What?” Feng Wu sat up with her duvet in her arms . She rubbed her sleepy eyes .

“Sister, look at me! Look!” Feng Xiaoqi twirled around in front of Feng Wu . “Sister, do you see any difference in me?”

Still half-asleep, Feng Wu looked at Feng Xiaoqi from head to toe and her eyes widened all of a sudden .

“Sister? Sister? Teehee —” Feng Xiaoqi grinned . He wanted to tell everyone the good news .

“You’re a Level 3 Spiritual Master already?”

Even Feng Wu was surprised!

It had only been one night and Feng Xiaoqi had leveled up twice . That was incredible!

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