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Published at 20th of February 2020 05:15:15 AM
Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Why Do You Need Feng Xun?

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Yu Mingye sulked, for he didn’t like Feng Wu giving in . “How can you be so cowardly? You run away the minute other people try to corner you! If I were you, I’d kill them all! Why are you doing this to yourself?!”

Feng Wu looked at Yu Mingye as if she was looking at an idiot .

If it wasn’t for what he had done last night, which had broken the delicate balance, she could still try to work her plan one bit at a time and she wouldn’t have to move anywhere!

She wasn’t giving in; what she needed now was a quiet, safe place with dense spiritual energy for her and her family to cultivate in .

Feng Wu’s face softened when she saw how relieved her mother was .

Here in the Feng manor, her mother was confined to this Fallen Star Yard, which could be quite suffocating . After Feng Wu found a new house, she would set up formations and her mother would be much safer living there .

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“Miss —”

Before long, Uncle Qiu ran back in a hurry .

“Miss, Grand Secretary Fang, our next door neighbor, is retiring soon, and he’s selling his house . ” Uncle Qiu was very efficient . “And there’s a smaller house on sale two streets away . Those are the only two I can find for now . ”

“Sister, are we going to buy a new house?” Feng Xiaoqi was thrilled .

“Xiaoqi, do you want to move out?”


“Move, move —” The beautiful lady held Feng Wu’s hand and looked very pitiful .

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“Sure, sure . We’re moving out soon . ” Feng Wu rubbed her mother’s head .

She had been wrong . She thought that by coming back to the Feng manor, her family would at least have some protection . She had planned to lay low for a while and everything would be better when she was strong enough… But as it turned out, her family had suffered, which was something Feng Wu couldn’t stand .

“But Sister, do we have enough money for a house?” Feng Xiaoqi asked .

All eyes turned to Feng Wu .

During the five years in Northern Border City, Feng Wu had spent all her time improving her medicine refinement skills, which was why she was able to reach the Master level in a mere five years . No one else in the imperial capital could have done that .

However, her beautiful master had left instructions, forbidding her from making any profit from the medicine she made, and Feng Wu always followed her master’s orders . So, she had never made a penny from treating her patients .

“We’ll have the money . ” Feng Wu didn’t think that the money would be a problem .

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“Uncle Qiu, what kind of prices are we looking at?” Feng Wu asked .

“Grand Secretary Fang’s manor is square in shape with is northern gate facing the street and the southern gate facing a lake . It’s got a great location . Although it’s not as big as our manor, but the price —”

“How much?” Feng Wu asked .

“100 000 taels of silver, and three spiritual herbs comprised of a thousand-year-old ginseng, a 5000-year-old lingzhi mushroom, and a ten thousand-year-old Chinese knotweed . ” Uncle Qiu smiled bitterly . “How about we check out that smaller house first?”

Feng Wu knew the layout of Grand Secretary Fang’s manor . Her master had said back then that Grand Secretary Fang’s courtyard was ideal for setting up an essence-gathering formation, which would take advantage of Cloud Lake in the north .

“No, we’re buying Grand Secretary Fang’s house . ” Feng Wu then turned to Yu Mingye . “I need to go to Feng Xun . You can do whatever you want now . ”

“Why Feng Xun?” Yu Mingye flared up . “What do you need him for?

“I can give you the money if you don’t have it!

“And those herbs, too!

“I’ll kill Grand Secretary Fang for you if he won’t sell you the house!

“So, what do you need Feng Xun for?!” Yu Mingye glared at Feng Wu . “I’m so much better than him!”

Feng Wu smacked her forehead . What was this fit of pique about?

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