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Chapter 41

Chapter 41: How Can He Make His Move?

The head elder’s dumbstruck face turned towards his Young Master. Hadn’t the Young Master made plenty of promises, how could he remember each and every single one of them?

Yu Ming Ye again sighed a long sigh, and talked to himself. “I wore two things before. Anything that belongs to Jun Lin Yuan, I want them all. Any person that Jun Lin Yuan likes, I must seize!”

Head elder: “……And…that means….?”

Yu Ming Ye rubbed his chin, and closed examined Feng Wu, sizing her up and down, that pair of brows furrowed deeply again. “Jun Lin Yuan’s taste……” Sigh, it’s just that, this girl’s appearance, how could he make his move?

This appearance, this figure and so weak……all could be summed up in one word – cinders!

“Sigh.” Yu Ming Ye looked at Feng Wu and

sighed a long sigh, and said reluctantly. “Since Jun Lin Yuan can bite on it, then what can’t I bite on? If worst comes to worst, I’ll just close my eyes!”

The head elder was somewhat sympathetic as he watched Yu Ming Ye. “Young Master, how about you just……”

“No!” Yu Ming Ye glared at the head elder, that pair of limpid, beautiful big eyes glared big and round. “You weren’t here just now, you simply can’t understand that kind of humiliation! ! !”

The head elder’s expression was one of a big question mark.

“Jun Lin Yuan stepped on my head and even stepped on it two times!”

“In addition, he even failed to recall my name, he surprisingly, doesn’t- remember- my- whole-name, argh argh argh! ! !” Yu Ming Ye was so angry that the veins on his forehead violently palpitated!

He considered

considered Jun Lin Yuan as the greatest rival of his life, however, the other party unexpectedly couldn’t even recall his whole name……Yu Ming Ye instead drew a breath of cold air, his expression was of being humiliated.

The head elder watched the Young Master jumping about like a little child. “……alas.”

“I don’t care!” Yu Ming Ye was so angry that he slapped the gigantic tree. “This time, I must have Jun Lin Yuan remember my name! He has to remember it!”

“Do you think I’m good looking or not? Handsome or not?” Yu Ming Ye made a face against the head elder and smiled, the soul and spirit bewitching romantic eyes that stirred the heart and brought confusion. That kind of flavor overflowing with demonic charm, to gorgeous it moved a person’s soul

The head elder helplessly looked at his Young Master. “……Very

Master. “……Very handsome!”

Yu Ming Ye was immediately filled with confidence and complacently flipped his dark fine black hair. He then declared with a smirk on his face: “That’s why, as long as I snatch that young girl and have her love me, Jun Lin Yuan will have no option but remember my name!”

The head elder silently heaved another sigh.

In the presence of other people, his Young Master was considered a high and almighty figure in the world, so scary that others trembled with fear, however, in front of the other youngster Jun Lin Yuan……he was like a little child who caused all kinds of rackets in order to get his attention.

And at this moment, in a blink, Feng Wu could no longer see Yu Ming Ye as her brows creased faintly. Could it be that she saw wrongly just now?

That’s not just now?

That’s not right, her impression was quite deep. She was dazzled by that pair of watery, demonically charming pair of romantic eyes. Bewitching and enchanting eyes that hooked onto one’s soul, the kind of glamour that couldn’t come from simple imagination, therefore that absolutely wasn’t an illusion.

But right now, since he already disappeared, Feng Wu also didn’t find it necessary to continue to dwell on it.

She turned her head towards the area of violent disturbance.

A loud rumbling sounded.

The Jade Saint Python dropped to the ground from the skies, creating a violent noise.

Jun Lin Yuan’s figure was as fast as lightning, the sword in his hand chopped to behead as a red curve broke out!

In the next split second, the ninth evolution Jade Saint Snake’s body split open!

It was divided in two!

Blood spurted and sprayed out into a fine mist!

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