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Chapter 419

Uncle Qiu was a Level 8 Spiritual Master, while both Qiuling and Xiaoqi were Level 1 Spiritual Masters .

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Back in Northern Border City, Feng Wu had yet to become a Spiritual Grandmaster, and even when she was already a master medicine refiner, she couldn’t offer them much help .

But things had changed now .

Feng Wu said, “Qiuling needs to recover from her injuries first, but Uncle Qiu and Xiaoqi, you two need to start ASAP . ”

After that, Feng Wu turned to Uncle Qiu first . “Uncle Qiu, you’ve been stuck at Level 8 for years . You’ve gathered enough spiritual energy, but what you lack is the comprehension of your cultivation .

“I need a pen —” Feng Wu reached out with her right hand .

Granny Zhao brought her a writing brush and ink immediately .

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Feng Wu was very serious when she taught and everyone listened in silence .

Feng Wu finished her writing in one go . After blowing the ink dry, she handed Uncle Qiu a thin pamphlet . “Uncle Qiu, this is ‘Book of Tongtian,’ a revision of ‘Book of Batian,’ which you have been using for your cultivation . ”

That was to say, based on Book of Batian, Feng Wu had customized a cultivation manual specifically for Uncle Qiu!

What she had done was beyond anything a Spiritual Grandmaster could do!

Uncle Qiu took Book of Tongtian with trembling hands and eyes filled with excitement .

“Thank you, Miss Wu!”

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Feng Wu nodded . “I’ll be out and about a lot from now on, so Uncle Qiu, I’ll leave the safety of this family in your hands . ”

Uncle Qiu nodded solemnly!

“As long as you put your mind to it, Uncle Qiu, I promise that you can break through to Level 9 in ten days . ”

Uncle Qiu was thrilled!

He had been stuck at Level 8 for so long that he had pretty much given up!

If anyone else told him that he could make it to the next level in ten days, he would only think the person insane . However, he wouldn’t question a word Feng Wu said!

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“Sister, what about me?!” Feng Xiaoqi looked up at his big sister .

To him, his sister was God!

Feng Wu smiled at him . “Do you know why I didn’t allow you to cultivate before?”

“No…” Feng Xiaoqi was an obedient boy . He wouldn’t try to cultivate since his sister had said so and no one could persuade him otherwise .

“Because I’ve been enhancing your body for the past five years . You had a semi-Ultimate Spiritual Body before . Although that would make you a prodigy of your generation in the Junwu Empire, what we’re aiming for is far beyond that . Xiaoqi, we’re going to make you a prodigy across all generations . That’s why I’ve been keeping you from cultivating . But it’s time now . Xiaoqi, you can start . ”

“Alright . ” Feng Xiaoqi beamed at her .

Sitting Xiaoqi down in the correct position, Feng Wu taught him everything from scratch .

Feng Wu’s beautiful master used to rule over this continent and she had been well-taught .

In terms of theoretical knowledge, Feng Wu was as good as the most superior cultivators in this land . She had enough knowledge to set up a sect of her own . Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to revise Uncle Qiu’s manual in such a short time and change it into something that was most suitable for him .

Because of Feng Xiaoqi’s Ultimate Spiritual Body, after some careful consideration, Feng Wu chose “Ultimate Spiritual Divine Power” for him to practice .

The most wonderful thing about this manual was that it fitted Feng Xiaoqi’s Ultimate Spiritual Body perfectly . He wouldn’t have to spend time on additional comprehension and the breakthrough would come naturally as he cultivated .

That was to say, this book was not only suitable for Xiaoqi’s physical quality, it matched his temperament as well .

“Miss, I…”

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