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Published at 17th of February 2020 02:30:24 PM
Chapter 418

Why kill her? Did that need to be asked?

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Yu Mingye smirked . “That woman was watching you with pure hatred and conceit . ”

Only then did Feng Wu realize that despite the goofy teenager’s bright smile, he was still from the Dark Court . He had grown up watching people kill each other, and a bloody massacre wouldn’t even make him blink . Taking lives came to him as naturally as breathing .

Recalling what Mu Yaoyao had done to her back in Northern Border City, Feng Wu snorted . “If someone is going to kill her, it has to be me . ”

“That’s right!” Yu Mingye’s eyes lit up . “You’re a pretty decent cultivator yourself and you won’t break a sweat killing her!”

That reminded Yu Mingye of Feng Wu’s lie and he got cross again . He glared at Feng Wu with puffed out cheeks .

Feng Wu rubbed her temples . How could the teenager be so vengeful?

She said grumpily, “Fine, I kept it a secret from you! When are you going to let it drop? Plus, you’re the only person outside of my family who knows about it . ”

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“Feng Xun doesn’t know?” Yu Mingye’s eyes flickered .

“No . ”

“And Xuan Yi doesn’t know?”

“No . ”

“What about Jun Linyuan?”

“I don’t think he knows… I didn’t tell him, anyway,” Feng Wu said affirmatively .

Yu Mingye, who had been vexed a moment ago, became excited . Grabbing Feng Wu’s hands, he said with eyes that sparkled like the brightest stars in the night sky, “Jun Linyuan doesn’t know? He doesn’t? Hahahaha! He really doesn’t know?”

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Feng Wu nodded .

“Hahaha —” Yu Mingye was so pleased!

He was in on the secret when Jun Linyuan wasn’t! Hahahaha —

Yu Mingye couldn’t keep the excitement out of his voice and he gazed at Feng Wu with wide open eyes . “Don’t tell Jun Linyuan about your cultivation ability! This is between us now . Okay?”

Feng Wu was speechless . Why was Yu Mingye so happy over such a petty thing?

However, since Yu Mingye had promised to keep the secret, which put her mind at ease, Feng Wu nodded . “Ok . ”

Since Yu Mingye was still grinning, Feng Wu snapped, “I see you have nothing better to do . Do me a favor, then . ”

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“What do you need?” Yu Mingye was thrilled!

Little Feng Wu hadn’t asked Feng Xun or Jun Linyuan for help, but had turned to him instead! He was so happy!

Feng Wu then whispered something in Yu Mingye’s ear .

“No problem! Consider it done!” Yu Mingye patted his chest, then dashed off .

After that, Feng Wu returned to Fallen Star Yard .

“Sister —”

Feng Xiaoqi ran toward her in a hurry, the dagger still in his hand . His forehead was covered with sweat . “Sister! Sister! What happened? Is that bad guy going to tell on you?”

Uncle Qiu and Granny Zhao also watched Feng Wu anxiously .

Feng Wu smiled . “We’re safe . ”

” Phew — ” Everyone let out breaths of relief and relaxed .

It was so frightening!

Granny Zhao was the first to come back to herself and she smiled at Feng Wu . “Congratulations, Miss . You’re finally a Spiritual Grandmaster . ”

Uncle Qiu also cupped his hands in excitement . “Congratulations! No one could have leveled up at such a tremendous speed like you!”

Qiuling also made her way to the courtyard with much difficulty and excited tears covered her face .

Miss Wu was the backbone of this family . Members of this family could only walk tall when she was strong enough .

Feng Wu looked around at everyone and said, “My own improvement won’t be enough . From now on, Uncle Qiu, Xiaoqi, and Qiuling, you all have to start cultivating!”

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