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Published at 17th of February 2020 02:30:10 PM
Chapter 420: 420

Qiuling lay in bed . Despite her ghastly pale face, her eyes were as bright as stars . And she was staring at Feng Wu eagerly .

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Feng Wu looked back at her and sighed . “You were not born with the most suitable quality for cultivation . ”

Qiuling had heard it more than once from her mistress, but it still hurt to hear it now .

“Even with herbal baths, your physical quality can’t be changed . ”

Qiuling was on the verge of breaking into tears .

“But —” Feng Wu smiled a little at Qiuling . “Give me your hand now . ”

Qiuling looked at Feng Wu in bewilderment, but still did as told .

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Feng Wu rested her fingers on Qiuling’s wrist for a few seconds and a mix of surprise and comprehension flickered in her eyes .

“Miss?” Qiuling looked at Feng Wu in wonder .

Why was her mistress looking at her like that? It was kind of scary .

Feng Wu smiled a little . “Qiuling, I finally see what ‘a blessing in disguise’ is . I’ve been too gentle with you . ”

“Huh?” Qiuling was at a loss . “Miss, wh- what’s wrong?”

Feng Wu sighed . Rubbing her eyes, she smiled bitterly . “I didn’t know this was possible . How could I have never thought of it before? I could slap myself . ”

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“Miss?” Qiuling was even more bewildered .

Feng Wu said, “Didn’t Granny Gui poke you with long, thick needles?”


Feng Wu said earnestly, “Granny Gui’s strikes were completely random, and because of that, she accidentally removed most of the impurities in your body . It’s thanks to your persistence over the years that those impurities can be removed in the first place . ”

Qiuling was shocked . “What?”

Feng Wu nodded . “As a cultivator, you used to be very ordinary in terms of your natural endowment . You would only be a Level 5 Spiritual Master at most if you go down that path . That’s why I’ve been telling you that you aren’t built for cultivation . ”

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Feng Wu knew how hard Qiuling tried . The girl would practice on her own, but the impurities stopped her from making any progress and she had to give up in the end .

Tears welled up in Qiuling’s eyes and she clenched her fists under the duvet .

She hadn’t felt the pressure of becoming a better cultivator in the beginning . However, when her mistress fell five years ago, the family had no one else strong enough to depend on, and they felt as feeble as a boat on a stormy ocean, ready to capsize at any moment .

That was why Qiuling wanted to get stronger . She wanted to protect this family .

But there was nothing she could do about her mediocre quality . No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t make any breakthroughs . She would cry in disappointment every time and she would resume her practice after she stopped crying, but she was still a Level 1 Spiritual Master… No one could know how upset she was .

“Miss, are you saying that… I have a talent for it now?” Qiuling looked at Feng Wu in excitement!

Looking at her maid, who was trembling with joy, Feng Wu nodded . “Yes, you do . ”

And with my help, your future will be very promising .

“Does that mean that we all can…”

“No . ” Feng Wu cut her off . “You were able to obtain this talent because you never gave up despite all the failures, because you set your mind on cultivation, and because of this huge coincidence . What happened to you can’t be replicated . ”

Qiuling nodded .

“If Lady Wang sends people here to ask about you, tell them to thank Granny Gui for us . ”

“Teehee —” Qiuling giggled .

Feng Wu grinned at her . “Get well first and start your cultivation three days later . You can study that ‘Book of Wood’ for now and I’ll give you something else when you reach Level 5 . ”

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