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Published at 17th of February 2020 02:30:29 PM
Chapter 417

Yu Mingye accused Feng Wu with his eyes . “You yelled at me!”

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Feng Wu smacked her forehead . “Listen —”

“No, I won’t! I won’t —” Covering his ears with both hands, Yu Mingye behaved like a kid .

Feng Wu shouted, “Yu Mingye!”

“And you yelled at me again!” Yu Mingye said indignantly .

“What on earth do you want me to do?” Feng Wu didn’t know what to do with this goofball .

“Beg me . ” Yu Mingye gloated . “Say ‘Brother Yu Mingye, please don’t tell anyone else . Please?’ Say it —”

Yu Mingye prompted Feng Wu .

Feng Wu: !!!

Yu Mingye seemed to love that idea and he gave Feng Wu a sidelong glance in satisfaction .  That’s right . Beg me .

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Feng Wu took a deep breath .

Crossing his arms over his chest, Yu Mingye snorted . “Do that or I’m going to tell everyone about it . Then, everyone will —”

Feng Wu took another deep breath . “Do I have any other options?”

Yu Mingye grinned . “Nope . ”

Feng Wu said, “You’ll keep it a secret if I do that?”

Yu Mingye said proudly, “Of course . I always keep my word and I won’t tell another soul . ”

“You’ll keep the secret for me after I say that?”

“Yes —”

“Fine . ” Feng Wu rolled up her sleeves .

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They were just words and it wouldn’t hurt her . Mimicking Yu Mingye’s tone, Feng Wu said those words in a cloying voice .

To demonstrate how devoted she was, Feng Wu even tugged Yu Mingye’s sleeve and looked into his eyes . If one were to observe them from afar, one would think that they were staring at each other in an affectionate way .

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Someone cried out in surprise!

Feng Wu’s heart sank and she had a very bad feeling about this . She turned to look .

Mu Yaoyao?

Feng Wu had met her a few times in Northern Border City .

Mu Yaoyao had joined hands with Feng Liu and tried to set Feng Wu up a few times . However, none of them worked and Mu Yaoyao had wound up eating her own bitter fruit .

“Why are you here?” Feng Wu frowned .

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“I wouldn’t have seen that great scene if I wasn’t here!”

Mu Yaoyao widened her eyes in an exaggerated way . “Feng Wu, I thought you were in love with the crown prince . Why are you all over Yu Mingye now? You’re such a frivolous, shameless woman!”

Feng Wu frowned a little . She couldn’t be bothered to argue with Mu Yaoyao and was ready to leave with Yu Mingye .

There was something else she needed to tell Yu Mingye .

However, Mu Yaoyao wouldn’t let her .

“What? You’re trying to run away after being spotted?” Mu Yaoyao glared at Feng Wu . “Women like you don’t deserve to love the crown prince!”

Feng Wu was speechless .

Mu Yaoyao kept her gaze on Feng Wu . “Leave the crown prince alone or I’ll tell everyone how brazen you are!”

She stormed off after that .

She was so thrilled!

Yu Mingye would be a very desirable man if Jun Linyuan, the unparalleled genius, didn’t exist in this world . However, there he was .

“If I can make the thing between Feng Wu and Yu Mingye stick —” Mu Yaoyao finally figured out a way to tarnish Feng Wu’s reputation .

“Shall I kill her?” Yu Mingye sounded as casual as if he was talking about the weather .

Feng Wu asked in resignation, “Is killing people as simple as drinking or eating for you?”

Yu Mingye shrugged .

Feng Wu then asked, “Why do you need to kill her?”

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