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Chapter 416: 416

Moreover, they were right outside the Feng manor . Someone inside might hear them .

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“Why should I keep my voice down? No! I’m going to shout as loudly as I want! Feng Wu, you’re a big liar! The biggest liar in the world, you —” Feng Wu cut him off by putting a hand over his mouth!

Feng Wu was infuriated by this unreasonable, unruly big baby .

He was forcing her to yell at him!

Feng Wu glared at him . “Shut up! Right now!”

Yu Mingye returned her gaze angrily .

Feng Wu stared back even more fiercely!

As soon as Feng Wu flared up, Yu Mingye began to cower…

He looked like a deflating balloon and was flattened as one watched…

In the end, he looked at Feng Wu sadly with accusatory, puppy-dog eyes . “You’re so mean . ”

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At the same time .

The crown prince was in his own residence .

“Get out!”

Granny Gong had come in with some late night snack, but the irritated crown prince only bellowed at her with a wave of his hand . The gust of wind cut the tray to pieces and it shattered all over the floor .

Granny Gong gave Feng a pleading look .

Feng returned it with a look of resignation .

His Royal Highness had left the residence earlier in a great mood . However, when he came back, he shut himself in his study and smashed everything to pieces .

Before, His Royal Highness was merciless and lofty, but had always put on an expressionless face and had wonderful control over his emotions . Recently, however, he had lost control twice already .

Feng rubbed his forehead . He didn’t even have to guess . His Royal Highness had fallen out with Miss Feng Wu, again .

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“Your Royal Highness —”

Feng entered the study, walking on the floor covered in broken porcelain .

There was no warmth in Jun Linyuan’s eyes and he looked as fierce as a cornered beast!

He reminded Feng of a cheetah ready to attack!

“Your Royal Highness, I was informed that after Miss Wu got back to the Feng manor —”

“Shut up!”

Jun Linyuan exploded and his brooding eyes spat shards of ice . “I don’t want to hear about her ever again!”

He could still hear Feng Wu’s voice in his head .

“I’d rather fall in love with Feng Xun!”

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She would choose Feng Xun over him? To her, even Feng Xun was better than him, the crown prince?

He couldn’t bear it!

Boss Jun wanted to beat Feng Xun up again .

Feng hesitated . “But it’s about the Feng…”

“Since when do you defy my orders?” Jun Linyuan shot a stern look at Feng, his voice infuriated .

Feng rubbed his nose and turned to leave .


Jun Linyuan was able to recollect himself before Feng left the room . “Speak!”

Feng’s eyes flickered . “Your Royal Highness, Miss Wu was bullied by Feng Yanfeng and his family after she got back —”

Jun Linyuan cut Feng off with a smirk . “She’s so proud and self-centered that she deserves a good kick in the ass! What’s wrong with that?”

After all, with what that girl was capable of, Feng Yanfeng was never going to be her match .

Feng added, “Then —”

Jun Linyuan silenced him with a wave of his hand .

Feng was speechless .

He hadn’t reached the part where Yu Mingye had come to Miss Feng Wu’s aid and demolished Flying Snow Building —

“Out!” the proud crown prince ordered .

Feng sighed, shook his head, and did as told .

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