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Chapter 414

Feng Yanfeng and the rest of his family were lying around in a room next to the collapsed Flying Snow Building .

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It was a crushing defeat . Everyone had bruises all over their faces and eyes as swollen as walnuts .

“Dad — Mum — wahhh —” Feng Liu cried from both the physical pain and humiliation .

Lady Wang was fuming . “That Feng Wu is so defiant! How could she do this? How?!”

Feng Yiran clenched his fists . “I’m going to make him regret what he did to me!”

Feng Sang had been slapped as many times as the others had and she took a deep breath . “He can’t be with Feng Wu around the clock!”

Feng Yanfeng’s face was livid .

As the head of the Feng clan, what would other people think of him if they knew that he had been humiliated like this?

Thanks to this common enemy, this family had never been as united as they were now .

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And that was why Feng Wu was so mad at Yu Mingye .

Feng Wu had humiliated Feng Liu on purpose during that incident in the Yan manor so that Feng Yanfeng would blame Feng Liu and Lady Wang… Feng Wu had been trying to drive a wedge between the members of that family .

Once that was achieved, she would defeat each of them separately — such was Feng Wu’s original plan .

Feng Wu wouldn’t have recklessly taken her family back to the clan without a good strategy .

Yu Mingye had not only injured these people, he had even destroyed Flying Snow Building . As satisfying as that was, he had ruined Feng Wu’s painstaking efforts .

Feng Wu was mad at him for that reason .

However, Yu Mingye was used to plain sailing and could never understand why Feng Wu had to be so meticulous .

Just as Feng Yanfeng’s family was discussing what to do to get their revenge, united in their shared goal, the lightning struck!

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Rumble —

“It’s not windy or rainy and that lightning just came out of nowhere . Can it be a lightning tribulation?” Lady Wang felt uneasy .

Feng Liu said weakly, “That’s in the direction of Fallen Star Yard, right? How can it be a lightning tribulation? Someone up there must find Feng Wu too bold and is trying to kill her with lightning . ”

No one thought about the possibility that Feng Wu was breaking through .

However, someone else other than Feng Yanfeng’s family had noticed it .

And that person was Yu Mingye .

After Feng Wu left, the more Yu Mingye thought about it, the more aggrieved he became .

He had helped Feng Wu and taken out those people for her . Why had she reprimanded him for her? And his foot had been stepped on! He was very upset!

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Yu Mingye, the sacred son of the Dark Court, was never known for a good temper and he wasn’t going to stay here for one more second!

However, he only took a few steps before he sensed the lightning striking Fallen Star Yard!


It wouldn’t kill that girl, would it?

Yu Mingye panicked and he rushed toward Fallen Star Yard right away!

Three elders followed Yu Mingye around the clock .

They were Elders One, Two, and Three .

Elder One frowned and so did Elder Two . Elder Three rubbed his nose and made a comment . “Didn’t he say that he would never talk to that girl again? He’s running faster than a rabbit . ”

Yu Mingye ignored them . Jumping over the wall of Fallen Star Yard like a shooting arrow, he landed in the courtyard shouting, “Little Feng Wu! Let me fend off that lightning strike for you!”

But —

Before he could make his next move, Yu Mingye realized in surprise that it was a lightning tribulation!

It wasn’t a lightning strike, but a lightning tribulation?!

The thing that would only happen to cultivators?!

Yu Mingye was astonished!

Rubbing his eyes, he looked up again . Feng Wu sat there cross-legged as streaks of lightning sparked in the air around her .

Yu Mingye: !!!

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