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Published at 15th of February 2020 03:05:14 PM
Chapter 415

Yu Mingye watched in disbelief!

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A f**king lightning tribulation!

And it struck Feng Wu right on her crown .

Right now, Feng Wu was absorbing the energy in that lightning to refine her body .

That was to say…

That was to say… little Feng Wu was breaking through!

What happened to her having no cultivation ability? And what about her being useless? What the hell?

Judging by the power of this lightning tribulation, Yu Mingye realized in surprise that the β€œuseless” little Feng Wu was breaking through to the Spiritual Grandmaster stage!

Standing there holding the dagger, Feng Xiaoqi glared at Yu Mingye . If Yu Mingye dared disturb Feng Wu, Feng Xiaoqi wouldn’t hesitate to fight the guy to death!

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Luckily, Yu Mingye didn’t move . He only glowered at Feng Wu with unblinking eyes .

Granny Zhao and Uncle Qiu were very concerned .

What were they supposed to do now?

Their mistress had stressed over and over again that they had to keep this a secret . Their lives would be threatened if word got out . However, her cover had just been blown!

While everyone was staring at Yu Mingye in bewilderment, Feng Wu finished consuming the lightning energy β€”

She breathed out and opened her limpid eyes .

β€œUncle Qiu, Granny Zhao —”

Feng Wu batted her long eyelashes, her eyes twinkling in excitement . β€œI’ve reached the Spiritual Grandmaster stage! Hahaha! I’m finally a Spiritual Grandmaster!”

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Uncle Qiu and Granny Zhao returned her exclamation with despairing looks on their faces β€”

They had thought about the possibility of talking themselves out of this . However, their mistress had just announced it herself β€” it was all over .

Granny Zhao gestured at a spot behind Feng Wu with her right index finger .

Feng Wu turned around in confusion .

And she saw Yu Mingye with that indecipherable look on his face .

Feng Wu: !!!

Yu Mingye stared at Feng Wu, then smirked . β€œA Spiritual Grandmaster? Congratulations, Miss Feng Wu . ”

She was a Spiritual Grandmaster when only earlier today, she had pretended to be completely crippled . Seriously?!

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Once the initial shock was over, Yu Mingye was furious for having been fooled like this . After casting a stern look at Feng Wu, he turned to leave .

Feng Wu woke up from her astonishment at that moment .


She couldn’t let Yu Mingye leave like this . If word of her recovery got out and the others knew about her cultivation stage… The Zuo family would come at her right away .

Feng Wu wasn’t strong enough to fight against the entire Zuo family yet!

At that thought, Feng Wu ran out after him β€”

β€œYu Mingye, wait —” Feng Wu called after Yu Mingye .

But Yu Mingye didn’t look back . Even his back looked angry .

β€œYu Mingye!” Feng Wu soon caught up with him and grabbed his hand .

Yu Mingye glared at Feng Wu . β€œLet go!”

β€œCalm down . ”

β€œHow can I?!” Glaring at Feng Wu, Yu Mingye said in vexation, β€œWhat am I to you? Aren’t you supposed to be useless and crippled? But you can cultivate and you’re a Spiritual Grandmaster already! You big, fat liar!”

β€œYu Mingye!” By now, they had left the Feng manor and were out on the street .

Yu Mingye didn’t try to keep his voice down at all . Growing up in an indulgent environment, Yu Mingye knew no forbearance or prudence .

β€œShhh . Keep your voice down . ” Feng Wu looked around .

The street was deserted at this hour, but someone could be lurking in some dark corner .

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