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Published at 15th of February 2020 03:05:20 PM
Chapter 413

“Because of me . ”

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There was anger and self-derision in Feng Wu’s impassive voice .

“Miss Wu —” Granny Zhao wanted to say something .

However, Feng Wu stopped Granny Zhao with a wave of her hand . “Clean Qiuling with a hot towel, then put this ointment on her . ”

She then turned to leave .

“Sister —”

Feng Xiaoqi took Feng Wu’s hand . “Sister, where are you going?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t lose control . ”

Feng Wu sat down on the threshold and let Feng Xiaoqi sit next to her .

Looking up, she realized that the silver moon was wrapped in thick cloud layers and the sky was pitch black .

Feng Wu recalled the densely packed needle marks on Qiuling’s fair skin!

The wounds were bloody and the needles used had been very thick . Moreover, Feng Wu noticed that they weren’t clean at all!

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They wanted Qiuling dead!

Those people!

They’d lost their minds!

She had to get stronger!

Feng Wu took a deep breath .

Otherwise, she could only watch as everyone she cared about got hurt .

It was Qiuling this time, but soon, it could be Granny Zhao, Feng Xiaoqi, her beautiful mother… or even herself .

She could stand the physical pain, but what if someone was killed?

What they had done to Qiuling could have killed her!

At that thought, Feng Wu clenched her fists so hard that her fingernails dug into her palms!

As for Yu Mingye… he had been unjustly blamed .

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Just then, Feng Wu felt the Divine Blood of the Phoenix between her eyebrows stir violently and she heard a phoenix utter a long and loud cry in her head .


Feng Wu’s eyes lit up in pleasant surprise!

There was no time to think . Feng Wu crossed her legs and switched to her cultivation mode right away .

Feng Xiaoqi, the bright boy, realized what was going on immediately . His sister had had an epiphany .

He closed the gate of Fallen Star Yard in a hurry, then took out a dagger and stood there to guard his sister .

Uncle Qiu came out at the noise, and he didn’t need any further explanation .

The sorrow of seeing Qiuling in her miserable state turned into anxiety and excitement when he saw that Feng Wu was going to make a breakthrough!

Meanwhile, Feng Wu was at war inside her head .

It felt as if a storm was brewing in her dantian .

Spiritual energy in the air rushed toward Feng Wu and kept pouring in through her nostrils and her skin .

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Streaks of spiritual energy gathered above the water of her dantian .

Sizzle —

Fire spiritual energy clashed with the water of her dantian, creating a spiritual liquid which dripped down —

Almost there!

She was that close to filling her dantian .

However, Feng Wu realized in disappointment that she was running out of spiritual energy!

She was finally ready to break through, and if she stopped here, she didn’t know when the epiphany would come again… Feng Wu felt like crying .

Just then, a tiny fluffy thing woke up and crawled out of Feng Wu’s chest pocket, still sleepy-eyed .

It was Feng Tutu!

The cub exhaled and a streak of pale green spiritual energy flew into Feng Wu’s nostrils .

Spiritual energy!

Feng Wu was elated!

Without thinking, she transported that additional spiritual energy into her dantian .

It then turned into spiritual liquid and dripped down .

Finally —

Her dantian was filled to the point of spilling over .


Feng Wu growled!

At that moment, a bolt of lightning struck Fallen Star Yard!

“What was that?!”

Feng Yanfeng and the rest of his family were lying around in a courtyard next to Flying Snow Building .

They were being treated for their wounds when the lightning struck and they almost jumped to their feet in fright!

“Was that lightning?”

“Was that a lightning tribulation?”

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