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Chapter 412: 412

Lady Wang, Feng Yiran, Feng Liu… all of these people had had something to do with her losing her cultivation back then, which meant that they had all partially contributed to what happened to her master .

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Feng Wu wasn’t sure about Feng Yanfeng’s participation, but he couldn’t have been innocent!

Hence, Feng Wu had been planning to get her revenge discreetly . What Yu Mingye did was a temporary catharsis, but what about the aftermath?

Luckily, Yu Mingye didn’t tell them his name and Feng Wu was able to use his existence as leverage . Otherwise, one word of the Dark Court and Feng Yanfeng would be the first to report Yu Mingye to the authorities .

“I —” Yu Mingye scratched his head .

Feng Xiaoqi had been thrilled to see Yu Mingye beat the hell out of his uncle’s family . The boy had flushed with excitement and almost applauded Yu Mingye loudly .

But, his sister was very upset at the moment .

Although he had no idea what had set his sister off, he would never question her . His sister’s enemy was as good as his own and he would always share her hatred .

Hence, Feng Xiaoqi ran up to Yu Mingye and stomped on the latter’s foot .

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Yu Mingye hadn’t been paying attention to the boy and he cried out in pain at the sudden attack .

Feng Xiaoqi threw a dirty look at Yu Mingye the same way his sister did before running back to Feng Wu and taking her hand .

Yu Mingye was left baffled on the spot .

“Little Feng Wu!” Yu Mingye ground his teeth . “You ungrateful girl! What about my dignity?!”

Feng Wu had already left with Feng Xiaoqi .

Feng Wu smacked her forehead all of a sudden .

Damn it…

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She forgot about Qiuling again .

Qiuling had gone to Flying Snow Building to ask about Feng Wu’s whereabouts and hadn’t come back . Feng Wu was sure that Lady Wang must have locked her up…

Feng Wu was going to let Feng Xiaoqi go back first so that she could go fetch Qiuling herself .

Just then —

“Miss, miss —”

A voice came from afar .

Feng Wu looked up and saw a barefoot teenage girl hobbling toward them .


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Feng Wu reached out to steady Qiuling .

However, Qiuling cried out in pain and burst into tears at Feng Wu’s touch . Cold sweat covered her face .

Feng Wu knew right away that Qiuling had been stabbed by needles .

Carrying Qiuling on her back, Feng Wu hurried back toward Fallen Star Yard .

“Miss, I can’t let you do this . Please put me down —” Qiuling was almost in tears .

Masters and servants were of different classes and mistresses were supposed to be carried by their maids, not the other way round . Qiuling couldn’t believe what was going on .

“Don’t move!” Feng Wu raised her voice .

Feng Wu could be very intimidating when she wanted to and Qiuling was in so much pain . She replied in a tiny voice and stopped resisting, although her body was still rigid .

Fallen Star Yard .

Seeing Feng Wu carry Qiuling back, Granny Zhao rushed out to greet them and took Qiuling from her .

Qiuling was ghastly pale and only half-conscious by now . Granny Zhao asked anxiously, “What happened? What’s wrong with Qiuling?”

“Granny Zhao, we need some hot water . ” Feng Wu didn’t explain, for she knew that Granny Zhao would know as soon as she took off Qiuling’s clothes .

And she was right . Granny Zhao saw the marks on Qiuling’s skin when she was about to clean the latter with a hot towel and she burst into tears .

“Those people!”

Granny Zhao couldn’t stop her tears . “Who could have done this? Qiuling is just a maid! How can they be so cruel? Why did they do this?!”

Feng Wu gritted her teeth . “Because —”

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