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Chapter 411

When Feng Wu looked into the room, everyone inside looked back at her!

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Especially Feng Yanfeng, whose face alternated between red and green; he looked as furious as he was frightened… It was beyond description .

Feng Wu also noticed that aside from the people scattered all over the floor, the inside of Flying Snow Building had been torn apart by Yu Mingye . Nothing was intact and it looked as if a robbery had taken place .

Feng Wu was speechless .

She finally saw how evil and defiant the sacred son could be .

She had always thought that Yu Mingye was a lamb . But now, she saw that the teenager had been humoring her .

Just then, Yu Mingye gave a wave of his hand .

Crunch —

Screech —

The entire Flying Snow Building swayed from side to side, teetered, then —

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Feng Yanfeng screeched —

He then dashed out like a shooting arrow!

Despite the pain all over their bodies, Feng Yiran and the others stumbled toward the door as well .

Finally, they were able to make it out, just as Flying Snow Building crumbled .


Flying Snow Building collapsed with a loud bang!

Feng Wu stared at Yu Mingye with an open mouth .

A lot of servants had gathered outside when Feng Yanfeng and his family ran out . Even Granny Gui, who had been hit on the head with a vase by Feng Wu, watched this in utter astonishment .

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The entire family was badly battered and looked miserable…

All eyes were on Feng Wu . Who on earth was this teenager Miss Wu had brought back?

“Who are you? Tell me your name!” With eyes as swollen as walnuts, Feng Liu screamed at Yu Mingye!

Yu Mingye was going to answer, but was stopped by the look Feng Wu gave him .

He cleared his throat . “It doesn’t matter who I am . What matters is: touch Xiao Wu again and I’ll skin you people alive!”

“Xiao Wu, let’s go —”

Wrapping an arm around Feng Wu’s shoulders, Yu Mingye led Feng Wu out of the courtyard .

Feng Wu sighed in resignation .

But she still let Yu Mingye keep his arm around her shoulders, for right now, she needed Yu Mingye’s power .

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She wouldn’t need it, if Yu Mingye hadn’t done what he had done . However, now that she had publicly fallen out with Feng Yanfeng, she didn’t have any choice .

She wasn’t powerful enough to withstand the revenge of that family yet .

Feng Wu glared at Yu Mingye as soon as they were outside .

Yu Mingye’s stomach lurched at Feng Wu’s angry gaze . What was wrong?

Feng Wu was genuinely angry!

She pointed a finger at Yu Mingye . “How could you do that?!”

“I – I was only helping you . ” Yu Mingye had no idea what damage he had caused . He thought he was doing the right thing!

Feng Wu took a deep breath . It wasn’t enough to suppress her anger . She stepped on Yu Mingye’s foot hard, then took Feng Xiaoqi’s hand and turned to leave!

“Hey — wait! Little Feng Wu! Wait!”

Yu Mingye was upset as well .

“I helped you! How can you do this to me? Do you even have a heart?”

“Help me? Thanks so much for that ‘help’!” Feng Wu glared at Yu Mingye . “You had so much fun kicking asses and tearing down a building . You can leave here without looking back after that, but what about me?”

“If they dare bully you —”

“Heh . ” Feng Wu snorted . “A stab in the back is much more difficult to guard against than an open gunshot . I still live in this manor . How long do you think it’ll take for them to get back at me?”

Feng Wu hadn’t reached the Spiritual Grandmaster stage and she wasn’t powerful enough . She had planned to continue pretending to be polite around Feng Yanfeng for a while yet!

Not to mention —

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