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Chapter 408: 408

Feng Yanfeng looked very frightening when he was enraged . Lady Wang and her children kept their silence, as did the maids and grannies .

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However, Feng Wu was completely unaffected and she responded with a smirk on her face . “Uncle, are you sure I’m the one to blame?”

Feng Yanfeng stared at Feng Wu . “Stop making up excuses!”

Sensing Feng Yanfeng’s hostility, Feng Xiaoqi clenched his fists and shouted at Feng Yanfeng . “Don’t you dare pick on my sister!”

His childish voice and behavior warmed Feng Wu’s heart .

Rubbing Feng Xiaoqi’s head, Feng Wu smiled . “Xiaoqi, don’t worry . The only ‘picking on’ you’ll see is me doing it to other people . ”

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“Tch —” Feng Sang, who had been standing in the corner, snorted . She didn’t try to hide her contempt for Feng Wu at all .

Hearing Feng Wu’s comment, Feng Yanfeng fumed with rage . “Feng Wu! After everything that’s happened, your only choice is to repent!”

“For what?” Feng Wu said indifferently .

“Admit your mistake!”

“What did I do?” Feng Wu smirked . “Uncle, you were there at the Yan manor yourself and you saw everything . Feng Liu and Yan Yan tried to set me up and all I did was deal with them as they tried to do to me . What was wrong with that?”

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“Of course it was your fault!” Lady Wang glowered at Feng Wu . “Fine, we admit that Feng Liu started it, but with what happened, shouldn’t you try to cover it up like a big sister should? But what did you do? Instead of covering for her, you let it out and made such a big scene out of it . There’s no taking it back now and you’ve ruined Feng Liu’s reputation . People will be talking about her behind her back . You’re the one to blame if she can’t find a good husband!”

Feng Wu found these people extremely unreasonable .

She gave Lady Wang a half-smile . “So, Aunt, are you saying that even though I was the victim, under the circumstances, I should take the blame and call that ‘for the greater good’?”

Feng Yanfeng and Lady Wang were rendered speechless .

Feng Liu stepped out, clenching her fists . “Wasn’t that what you were supposed to do? Feng Wu, you were brought up by the clan and you should be grateful for that . Why couldn’t you bear that petty a grievance?”

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Feng Yanfeng glared at Feng Wu . Exactly . Why couldn’t she swallow it for the Feng clan?

Feng Wu smiled . “My dear sister, if you love the clan that much, why did you ruin our reputation and your father’s career? You should be able to sacrifice yourself for the clan and endure that petty a grievance, shouldn’t you?”

Those were Feng Liu’s own words . Feng Liu was furious, but she couldn’t think of anything to say in retort .

” Clap, clap, clap — ”

Feng Sang, who had been standing in a corner, walked out, clapping her hands . She stopped in front of Feng Wu and looked down at her .

There was something lofty and arrogant in her eyes when she looked at Feng Wu . Rather than seeing a person, Feng Sang looked like she was evaluating a commodity .

“Feng Wu, I didn’t expect that you would continue to be this arrogant after losing your ability . That’s actually quite impressive . ” Feng Sang stared at Feng Wu . “But, I think I have a duty to inform you that in this world that values martial prowess above all else, you need more than words . ”

On guard, Feng Wu narrowed her eyes .

Feng Sang was very unbridled .

Feng Wu could tell more or less tell what Feng Sang’s cultivation level was . As a newly admitted student to Imperial College, Feng Sang was a Level 1 Spiritual Grandmaster .

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