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Chapter 407

However… Yu Mingye was a little concerned, for little Feng Wu didn’t have any cultivation and his family would never let him marry such a girl .

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Take her as a concubine? Somehow, Yu Mingye knew in his heart that the moment he said that to her, little Feng Wu would slap him until he was dead .

Such a dilemma…

Feng Wu had no idea what the silly teenager was thinking about as she made her way to Flying Snow Building with Feng Xiaoqi .

It was very quiet outside Flying Snow Building .

All the servants held their breaths and were as quiet as cicadas in late autumn .

Quarreling voices came from inside the building .

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Feng Wu recognized the voices of Feng Yanfeng and Lady Wang .

So much for their supposedly “steadfast love . ” Feng Wu smirked a little .

“Miss Wu —”

Seeing Feng Wu arrive with the boy, Granny Gui, who had been guarding the entrance, raised her voice all of a sudden .

The quarreling voices subsided right away .

Glancing at Lady Wang’s most loyal granny with a half-smile, Feng Wu led Feng Xiaoqi into the building with a devil-may-care attitude .

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It was quite the scene in Flying Snow Building .

Feng Yanfeng and Lady Wang were there as expected, as were Feng Yiran and Feng Liu . There was a fifth person, whom Feng Wu recognized right away . She was the third daughter of the family .

Lady Wang had four daughters in total . The first two had been married off . The third one was the most talented and had been sent to Imperial College . Right now, she stood there, eyeing Feng Wu with contempt .

Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at Feng Wu when she walked in .

Feng Wu wasn’t intimidated by all the gazes at all . Leading Feng Xiaoqi to her uncle, she told her brother, “Xiaoqi, this is our eldest uncle . ”

Feng Xiaoqi greeted Feng Yanfeng politely with a bow .

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A million things came back to Feng Yanfeng when he saw Feng Wu’s face .

Blue veins popped in the corner of his forehead when he recalled what happened earlier at the banquet in the Yan manor .

“Feng Wu! How dare you come here now!”

Feng Yanfeng didn’t even bother to look at Feng Xiaoqi, for in his eyes, as a Level 1 Spiritual Master, Feng Xiaoqi was as useless as Feng Wu herself .

He glared at Feng Wu . “You ungrateful, malicious girl! Are you trying to destroy the Feng clan? How could you turn against your family? You don’t deserve to be a daughter of this clan!”

Feng Yanfeng screamed at Feng Wu, venting his rage .

Lady Wang was the one he had been screaming at earlier . Once Feng Yanfeng learned that Sir Yan had eliminated him from the candidate list for that position he had been longing for, he rushed back home and roared at Lady Wang, blaming her for bringing up such an unruly daughter .

Lady Wang and Feng Liu had both been shouted at, and both had red slap marks on their cheeks… That was how mad Feng Yanfeng was .

Seeing that Feng Yanfeng had turned his rage on Feng Wu, Lady Wang and Feng Liu exchanged looks and both saw satisfaction in each other’s eyes .

Holding Feng Xiaoqi’s hand, Feng Wu stood ramrod straight . She gave Feng Yanfeng a contemptuous snort . “Uncle, what are you talking about? I tried to destroy the Feng clan? Enlighten me, then . What did I do?”

“Do I need to remind you what you did?” Feng Yanfeng was almost too infuriated to stand still . “Do you know how hard I tried to get that position in the Ministry of Official Personnel? If I can become the assistant minister, our clan will rise again! But thanks to you, all is lost!”

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