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Chapter 409

Feng Wu was a Level 9 Spiritual Master at the moment .

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The difference in their capabilities wasn’t that significant and Feng Wu was confident that she could defeat Feng Sang in an instant .


She gave Feng Sang a half-smile . “So, what do you think I should do, my dear sister?”

“After how rude and defiant you were toward my parents, Feng Wu, you deserve this!”

With that, Feng Sang raised a hand to slap Feng Wu!

Imperial College had indeed taught her well . Her strike was quick, accurate, and effective!

Feng Wu also saw something glinting between Feng Sang’s fingers!

“Sister!” Feng Xiaoqi opened his eyes wide and cried out!

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There came the crisp sound of a slap .

However, the looks on the faces of Lady Wang and the rest were replaced with astonishment!

“How dare you bully Xiao Wu like this!”

Yu Mingyue slapped Feng Sang so hard that she spun around on the spot .

So —

That crisp sound was from Yu Mingye slapping Feng Sang, not Feng Sang slapping Feng Wu .

For a moment, all was quiet —

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Lady Wang was the first to cry out .

“Who are you?! Feng Wu, who is this man?!”

Yu Mingye was so intimidating that Feng Yangfeng and his family were all shaken . However, Lady Wang’s concern for her daughter overpowered her fear and she was the first to rush to Fang Sang’s side .

Feng Sang had a wild and unyielding air about her . She stared at Yu Mingye with a vicious look in her eyes, as if she was going to tear him to pieces!

He had slapped her!

No one had treated her like that before .

“One more look and I’ll squeeze your eyeballs out!” Yu Mingye might be a lamb in front of Feng Wu, but he wouldn’t restrain himself one bit around anyone else .

After all, he was Yu Mingye, the teenager as famous as Jun Linyuan!

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Feng Sang snorted . “Listen to that arrogant voice! Feng Wu, is that your lover? I didn’t know one could get a lover at your age, you slut —”


Before Feng Wu could react, Yu Mingye slapped Feng Sang once more!

He was pretty happy to be called Feng Wu’s lover, but calling Feng Wu a slut was the worst choice Feng Sang made today . Yu Mingye would never allow anyone to insult Feng Wu like that .

Hence, he slapped her .

“How can you hit a woman?!” Feng Yiran had met Yu Mingye before, but he didn’t know who the latter was .

Since his own younger sister was being beaten up, Feng Yiran had no choice but to step out .

Yu Mingye smirked . “Why can’t I hit a woman? With what she said, she deserves more than two slaps . Well, it’s your turn now!”

Feng Wu could kick Yu Mingyue around and he would take it with pleasure . However, to everyone else, he was the sacred son of the Dark Court, and Feng Yiran was nothing in comparison!

Feng Yanfeng was furious!

Did everyone think that they could do whatever they wanted to the Feng clan just because they weren’t what they used to be? He wouldn’t let this random teenager have his way!

“Feng Yiran, take care of him!”

Poor Feng Yanfeng . He had no idea that the defiant teenager was Yu Mingye, whose capability was second only to Jun Linyuan . He shouted his command at his son .

Feng Yiran cast a stern look at Feng Wu before turning to Yu Mingye . “Well, how about we go outside —”

Outside? Everyone here had picked on his Xiao Wu, and Yu Mingye was just going to kick Feng Yiran’s ass!

Yu Mingye’s fist was in Feng Yiran’s face before the latter could finish his sentence!

Feng Yiran’s eyes widened in fear!

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