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Published at 10th of February 2020 04:20:09 PM
Chapter 406: 406

Chapter 406: He Will Protect His Sister!

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Yu Mingye cheered up after giving Feng Wu another look . “Little Feng Wu, you know what —”

He moved closer as he spoke .

Feng Wu threw a dirty look at him . “What?”

“Hahahaha —” Yu Mingye guffawed . “I made a deal with my family and I’ll be staying in the imperial capital from now on . You can come to me for anything! I’ll always be on your side!”

Feng Wu was intrigued . “People from your family can walk around in public just like that?”

“Why can’t we?” Yu Mingye looked back at Feng Wu in confusion .

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“Aren’t you from the Dark Court? I thought the royal family would come after you the moment you show your face . ” Feng Wu was bewildered .

Yu Mingye pursed his lips . “That was before . Things are different now . ”

“Different how?”

“You want to know?”

“I’m not going to ask you . ” Feng Wu rolled her eyes at him . She wasn’t going to play along .

“Come with me if you want to know . ” Yu Mingye tried to take Feng Wu’s hand . “I’ll tell you if you keep me company . ”

Feng Wu was reminded of the things she had to put up with at Jun Linyuan’s place and she flared up . Glaring at Yu Mingye, she bellowed, “Does everyone think that they’re the ruler of the world now? And you think you can just order me around like that? In your dreams!”

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A hush fell over the courtyard after Feng Wu blurted out those words .

Everyone looked at Feng Wu in amazement . What was wrong?

Yu Mingye looked at Feng Wu timidly and said in a pitiful voice, “I didn’t try to make you come with me… You didn’t have to yell at me…”

He was a very good-looking teenager and when he went all puppy-dog eyes like this, he looked adorable .

Feng Wu realized that she was venting her anger on the wrong person after she lashed out . Rubbing her forehead, she said, “I’m sorry . That wasn’t meant for you . ”

“Who was is for, then?” Yu Mingye asked curiously, his eyes sparkling .

Feng Wu ignored him . She turned to Granny Zhao and asked, “Where’s Qiuling? Why isn’t she here?”

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Granny Zhao had been meaning to tell Feng Wu the news and she said in a hurry, “Miss, we thought you were in some sort of trouble and Qiuling went to Lady Wang to ask for information, but she’s been gone for too long . Shall I go get her?”

Recalling the humiliation which her uncle and aunt suffered at the Yan manor, Feng Wu’s face darkened a little . She waved at Granny Zhao . “I’ll go get her myself . ”

“Sister, I’m coming with you . ” Holding Feng Wu’s hand, Feng Xiaoqi looked up at his sister, his tone insistent .

He was going to protect his sister!

Feng Wu nodded . “Uncle doesn’t know you’re back yet and we need to tell him anyway . Let’s go . ”

“I’m going with you!” Yu Mingye tried to take Feng Wu’s free hand .

Feng Wu cast a stern look at Yu Mingye and he drew back his hand awkwardly . However, he insisted . “I’ll keep you company!”

Feng Wu rolled her eyes at him . “Keep me company? Who are you to me?”

“So, I can go if I’m somebody to you?!” An idea struck Yu Mingye .

His eyes twinkled . Was little Feng Wu suggesting something? Was the girl… asking for a marriage proposal?

At that idea, Yu Mingye felt warmth run down his spine and everything seemed to light up in front of him!

Feng Wu shook her head in resignation . “I don’t want to talk to you . Just go back home . ”

The look in Yu Mingye’s eyes gave Feng Wu the creeps and she reminded him, “It’s late . You really should leave now . ”

After that, Feng Wu took Xiaoqi’s hand and hurried off toward Flying Snow Building .

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