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Chapter 402: 402

The entire Northern Feng Mansion was shocked!

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Who was that?

Northern Feng General was stationed at the northern border, but his wife lived in the mansion . She shuddered at that sound!

“Sister-in-law —”

Mrs Ning, who had just arrived at Northern Feng Mansion, was also frightened .

Ning Chenxi had been so eager to get to the imperial capital so that he could propose a marriage to the Feng family . He feared that Feng Wu would become someone else’s wife if they didn’t travel fast enough . He had been urging Mrs Ning on the entire time until they arrived at the imperial capital .

“My lady, the voice came from the young lord’s courtyard —”

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Granny Tao, Lady Northern Feng’s personal maid, saw that both ladies were frightened and explained to them in a hurry, “It’s His Royal Highness . ”

Lady Northern Feng let out a breath of relief when she heard that name .

Taking Mrs Ning’s hand, she smiled . “Sister-in-law, don’t worry . His Royal Highness grew up with Xun and they’re best friends . Everything’s fine . ”

Mrs Ning patted her chest . “I thought my heart was going to jump out of my throat . I’m so relieved to hear that it was only His Royal Highness . I met him on our way back and he helped us out . ”

“Really?” Lady Northern Feng hadn’t been told and she asked about what happened .

Mrs Ning’s main purpose here was to get Ning Chenxi his bride . Hence, she told the lady everything in detail and concluded with a smile, “The Feng family has an amazing daughter . Not only is she a great doctor, she’s exceptionally beautiful as well . ”

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A great doctor and a beauty? Feng Wu’s name came to Lady Northern Feng right away .

Lady Northern Feng found Feng Wu very impressive . She had liked the girl since she was little and had always wanted her as a daughter . And her affection for Feng Wu had only increased when Feng Wu grew up .

However, the kid was without cultivation now and anybody could pick on her if they chose to . Lady Northern Feng had been very displeased with what happened at the birthday banquet earlier today . She had been about to step out to defend Feng Wu, but one thing led to another, and before she realized it, the Yan family was having the worst day of their lives…

Mrs Yan was the eldest sister of Northern Feng General, and Lady Northern Feng had had to help out . After everything was finally settled, Feng Wu was long gone…

“Sister-in-law, what do you think?”

Mrs Ning asked for Lady Northern Feng’s opinion .

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“Pardon?” Lady Northern Feng had wandered off . “You were saying…”

“I’m going to propose marriage to the Feng family, and ask for the hand of their sixth daughter for Ning Chenxi . Sister-in-law, we would like to have you as the go-between . ” Mrs Ning smiled .

“What?” Lady Northern Feng was astonished . “Feng Liu?”

“That’s right, the sixth daughter of the Feng family,” Mrs Ning confirmed .

“I mean…” Lady Northern Feng found it hard to believe . “Sister-in-law, are you sure you want the sixth daughter, not the fifth?”

“Of course . It’s Miss Liu we want . Had it not been for her, I wouldn’t have been able to give birth to my twins and all three of us would be dead now . ” Mrs Ning was very earnest .

Lady Northern Feng rubbed her forehead . She had thought it would be Feng Wu . So, it was Feng Liu?

“If it’s Feng Liu you want, I would advise against it . ” Lady Northern Feng waved her hand .

“Why?” Mrs Ning’s eyes widened .

“Because she’s a vicious girl . Having a daughter-in-law like that will only ruin the peace of your family . You wouldn’t be getting a daughter-in-law, but a disaster . ”

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