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Published at 8th of February 2020 06:50:06 PM
Chapter 401: 401

Chapter 401: I’d Rather Choose Feng Xun!

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Feng Wu snorted . “So, he just won’t let me have any peace, will he?”

Granny Gong was rendered speechless .

“No, it’s not like that . His Royal Highness… really likes you…” Granny Gong couldn’t hold back anymore . She had to tell Feng Wu!

Feng Wu was baffled . “His Royal Highness? Likes me? Granny Gong, please don’t make fun of me . No one is going to believe that . ”

“I’m not making fun of you . It’s true . His Royal Highness really —” Granny Gong decided to help Jun Linyuan out .

She was about to be more explicit when a figure showed up at the door .

It was Chang San, the captain of Jun Linyuan’s guards .

Chang San said with a straight face, “Miss Wu, His Royal Highness would like you to leave now . ”

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Feng Wu was astonished by Granny Gong’s words . Jun Linyuan liked her?

However, Chang San’s words were her wakeup call .

“Jun Linyuan likes me? Granny Gong, is that how His Royal Highness shows his affection? Please don’t say that again . Other people may make a big deal out of it and His Royal Highness’s reputation would be tarnished . ”

After giving Granny Gong a long look, Feng Wu stormed off, dragging Feng Xiaoqi along with her .

Granny Gong was speechless .

Your Royal Highness, I tried, I really did…

Taking a deep breath, Granny Gong glared at Chang San . “You… idiot! What have you done?!”

Chang San was at a loss . “What did I do? That was His Royal Highness’s order, word for word . ”

Granny Gong was so frustrated . “Don’t you know what His Royal Highness is like? Why are you doing exactly the same thing? You could have translated those words for His Royal Highness: It’s late and it’s foggy outside, so you’ll escort Miss Feng back home for her safety . Couldn’t you put it that way?”

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Chang San asked, “Is that really necessary?”

“Yes! Yes, of course!” Granny Gong gritted her teeth and stressed each word .

Feng Xiaoqi and Feng Xiaoqi were on their way back .

Luckily, Feng Wu hadn’t visited the crown prince’s residence for nothing . At least she had gotten Feng Xiaoqi back .

Feng Xiaoqi had remained in that bewildered state since earlier, and all he could think of now was his dauntless sister straddling the crown prince…

Looking up, Feng Xiaoqi saw his sister marching ahead in frustration and he felt uneasy .

His sister had always been so composed and he could only recall a handful of occasions when she lost her temper . But she had never been as angry as she was now…

Could it be that his sister was…

As someone with a big-sister complex, Feng Xiaoqi wouldn’t let that happen!

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“Sister —” Feng Xiaoqi hesitated .

“What?” Feng Wu was beating Jun Linyuan up in her head when Feng Xiaoqi’s voice woke her up from her reverie .

Holding Feng Wu’s hand, Feng Xiaoqi asked gingerly, “The crown prince is a bad guy, isn’t he?”

“Of course!” Feng Wu said firmly .

Feng Xiaoqi then asked, “So… Sister, you won’t fall in love with him… will you?”

Feng Wu smirked . “Him? I’d rather fall in love with Feng Xun!”

Phew… Feng Xiaoqi was elated by his sister’s pronouncement and they went back home happily, hand in hand .

Neither of them noticed that in a dark corner a few steps away, a pair of pupils contracted at Feng Wu’s words . Blue veins popped on his forehead and his face turned livid . That was just great!

He clenched his fists .

Northern Feng Mansion .

Feng Xun was reclining in a rocking chair and feeding an azure-eyed cat .

“Get your ass out here —”

A sudden roar stirred the entire mansion like a clap of thunder!

Feng Xun: What?

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