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Chapter 403: 403

Lady Northern Feng held nothing back . “If you ask for my opinion, I absolutely disagree with your choice of daughter-in-law . ”

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“Aunt —”

Just then, a figure rushed in and dropped to his knees in front of Mrs Ning . It was a teenager with delicate features and he kept his back ramrod straight .

“Chenxi, you…”

“Aunt, please grant me my wish —” Ning Chenxi pleaded . “It was love at first sight! Aunt, I want no one but Feng Liu as my wife!”

Lady Northern Feng stared at Ning Chenxi in astonishment!

What was wrong with this stupid kid? He wanted no one but Feng Liu? Had he lost his mind?!

Lady Northern Feng took a deep breath . “Stand up! You’re being silly!”

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“I won’t, unless you make a promise . ” Ning Chenxi looked Lady Northern Feng in the eye .

Lady Norther Feng almost choked . Exactly how blind was this kid to fall in love with Feng Liu at first sight and want no one but her?

“You idiot!” Lady Northern Feng had always been irascible and she couldn’t fight back her anger anymore . Rising to her feet, she pointed at Ning Chenxi and reprimanded him . “Do you have any idea what kind of a girl Feng Liu is? You want no one but her? Do you have any idea what a shameful thing she did in the Yan manor today?”

Mrs Ning frowned a little . “Sister-in-law, what happened to Miss Feng?”

“What happened?” Lady Northern Feng snorted . “She’s quite the piece of work . She ganged up with Yan Yan and tried to do harm to Feng Wu and Lady Tang . But Feng Wu was too smart to fall victim to their plot . Not only did she come out unscathed, she made them reap what they had sown…”

Mrs Ning and Ning Chenxi exchanged looks . That didn’t sound right at all…

“Miss Feng Liu is beautiful and brilliant and she’d never do something like that!” Ning Chenxi glared at Lady Northern Feng . “Aunt, please don’t slander Miss Feng Liu just because you’re trying to stop me!”

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Lady Northern Feng was baffled and she almost passed out from her rage . “You! You’re an idiot!”

Mrs Ning didn’t look too happy herself . “Sister-in-law, Miss Feng Liu is a smart and pretty young lady and I know she’s very level-headed . There must be some misunderstanding here . ”

Lady Northern Feng snapped . “There is no misunderstanding! Feng Liu is abominable! Don’t be fooled by her pretty face!”

Come to think of it, little Wu was the best . Too back that she wouldn’t marry Feng Xun .

While Lady Northern Feng was arguing with her guests, Feng Xun was having troubles of his own .

With that angry roar, Jun Linyuan showed up in mid-air .

Feng Xun, who had been caressing the cat, was dumbfounded . However, once he saw that it was Jun Linyuan, he ran out, still holding the cat, and shouted in excitement . “Boss Jun, what’s up? Incoming enemies?”

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After that, Feng Xun dropped the cat, rolled up his sleeves, and was combat ready!

Jun Linyuan didn’t say anything .

“Where are they? Where are they?” Feng Xun’s eyes darted around, but he didn’t see anyone . In the end, he turned to Jun Linyuan in bewilderment .

Only then did he notice Boss Jun’s stunning but livid face . The air he gave off was so cold that Feng Xun shuddered inwardly .

“B- Boss Jun…” An ominous feeling came over Feng Xun and he called out to Jun Linyuan gingerly .

Glaring at Feng Xun, Jun Linyuan gritted his teeth and his eyes spat fire!

“Feng Xun!”


“Draw your sword!”


“I’m challenging you!” The crown prince pointed the tip of his sword at Feng Xun .

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