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Published at 8th of February 2020 06:50:06 PM
Chapter 400: 400

Looking down, Feng Wu saw her position and she blushed . She quickly shoved Jun Linyuan away and rose to her feet .

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Embarrassed, she straightened her clothes and was back to the elegant Feng Wu whom the others knew .

Jun Linyuan also realized how physically close the two of them had been . He stood up after Feng Wu did and cleared his throat awkwardly .

Somehow, Feng Xiaoqi felt that there was more to his sister and the crown prince than met the eye .

He turned his pleading eyes on Feng .

Feng looked straight ahead with a solemn face .

Feng Xiaoqi then turned to look at Granny Gong .

Granny Gong kept her face undisturbed and serious .

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Feng Xiaoqi scratched his head . Was he imagining things?

Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan . “You said you would give it to me, but all you’re doing is playing with me! You must be having so much fun!”

Seeing Feng Wu’s still swollen eyes, Jun Linyuan felt his heart soften and he almost handed her the bead . However, he stopped himself at the last moment . Keeping his face impassive, he glanced at Feng Wu . “You want it? Let’s trade . ”

“Sure! With what?” Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan .

Jun Linyuan’s gaze shifted from Feng Wu to Feng Xiaoqi…

Feng Wu immediately pulled the bewildered Feng Xiaoqi behind her and glowered at Jun Linyuan . “Stop trying to do anything to Xiaoqi! You’re not taking him away again!”

Rubbing his chin, Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu with his bright black eyes and gave her a teasing smile . “Little Feng Wu, as a young lady, I’m sure you’re good at needlework, right?”

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“No, I’m not,” Feng Wu said matter-of-factly . Young ladies had to be good at needlework? Says who?

“Great,” Jun Linyuan said arrogantly . “I’ll trade it with your embroidered pouch . ”

Feng Wu took her pouch off her waistband, pried Jun Linyuan’s fingers open, and stuffed it into his palm . “There’s ten taels of silver in it . Take them all . Can I have the bead now?”

Jun Linyuan glanced at the pretty, impeccable embroidered pattern on the pouch and raised an eyebrow . “You made this?”

Feng Wu casually said, “No, my mum made it . ”

Jun Linyuan’s face darkened a little and he tossed the pouch back to Feng Wu . “Keep it!”

“Hey —” Feng Wu yelled at Jun Linyuan in frustration . “You asked for my pouch, then you tossed it back! What’s your problem? Keep acting like this and you’ll never get a wife!”

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Jun Linyuan stared back at Feng Wu with his brooding eyes, which made Feng Wu press a hand to her chest and stumble back .

With a snort, the crown prince stormed off .

A few steps away, Granny Gong, who had kept her face very serious, looked at Feng in surprise . Was His Royal Highness asking for a love token?

Feng shrugged .  Don’t ask me . I can never follow His Royal Highness’s twisted logic .

After another shrug, Feng followed his young master out .

“That Jun Linyuan is unbelievable! Gosh! I’m so fed up with him!”

Resting her hands on her waist, Feng Wu’s cheeks puffed up in frustration .

Granny Gong cleared her throat in embarrassment . “Miss Feng, I think His Royal Highness wants a pouch with your own needlework . ”

Feng Wu was bemused . “Why does it matter whose needlework it is? It’s still a pouch . ”

Granny Gong was screaming in her head . Her young master was difficult enough, but Miss Feng Wu had no idea what was going on either… How was it ever going to work between the two teenagers?

She dropped another hint for Feng Wu . “Well… there’s a huge difference . Maybe what His Royal Highness wants is a pouch made by Miss Feng yourself?”

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