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Published at 7th of February 2020 09:30:06 AM
Chapter 398: 398

Chapter 398: Jun Linyuan, You Yelled at Me —

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Blood smeared her face, the rims of her eyes were red, and tears rolled down her fair cheeks…

For the first time in his life, Jun Linyuan knew what “pity” felt like .

“Hey —” Jun Linyuan gave Feng Wu’s smooth cheek a gentle poke .

Feng Wu ignored him and went on crying . She had no idea what she was crying over; she just felt very sad .

Jun Linyuan poked Feng Wu in the shoulder and said hesitantly, “Don’t cry —”

However, the more he tried, the more Feng Wu was reminded of what Jun Linyuan had put her through since they met, which only upset her further and she cried even harder .

Jun Linyuan was dumbfounded .

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Growing up, he had kept girls from getting too close with his emotionless face and haughty demeanor . Never had he tried to comfort a girl… He had no idea what to do .

For the very first time, the crown prince was at a loss .

He quickly glanced at Feng .

Feng, the answer to all questions, stood there with his eyes lowered, as if he was in a trance…

From everything Jun Linyuan had done to her, to the broken star piece, then to her beautiful master… the longer Feng Wu thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt . She sobbed so hard that she could hardly breathe .

Jun Linyuan had to admit that Feng Wu’s tears brought out all the pity in him .

“Fine, fine . You want Feng Xiaoqi, right?” Jun Linyuan rubbed his forehead . “Feng —”

Feng went out before Jun Linyuan could finish his sentence and he came back shortly afterward with a 12-year-old boy in one hand .

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Feng Xiaoqi was thrilled to see his big sister . He dashed toward Feng Wu like a cannonball and threw himself into her arms .

Feng Wu was still lost in her grievances when Feng Xiaoqi jumped into her arms . Her eyes lit up . “Xiaoqi! Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere? Were you ill-treated?”

Jun Linyuan rolled his eyes . Exactly how cruel did she think he was?

Once the initial excitement receded, Feng Xiaoqi recalled the state of anxiety he had been in lately and he burst into tears as well .

“Sister —”

“Brother —”

The two wrapped their arms around each other and cried even louder .

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Jun Linyuan was speechless .

“Feng Wu! Keep crying, I dare you!” Jun Linyuan scolded . “Make another sound and I’ll kill Feng Xiaoqi!”

Before Feng Wu could say anything, Feng Xiaoqi was intimidated by the crown prince’s manner and he stopped crying right away .

Feng Wu paused for a brief moment and stared at Jun Linyuan with her red-rimmed eyes . Her long eyelashes were wet with her tears, which only accentuated her impeccable beauty —

She had tried pleading at first, but to no avail . However, as soon as she was in tears, Jun Linyuan had given Feng Xiaoqi back . So, the guy had a weak spot for her tears —

Once Feng Wu figured that out —

“Ahhh —” She started crying again . Only this time, she was faking it . She hurled accusations at Jun Linyuan as she howled . “You yelled at me! Jun Linyuan, you yelled at me —”

Had it been any other girl, the crown prince would have gotten Feng to throw her out already . But Feng Wu wasn’t just any girl…

Moreover, Jun Linyuan felt a throbbing pain in his chest as he looked at Feng Wu’s tear-streaked face . He was overwhelmed by a strange, suffocating feeling .

“I —” Jun Linyuan rubbed his forehead . He hadn’t meant to .

Feng Wu wailed and whimpered until her whole body trembled…

Even Feng Xiaoqi was frightened by her reaction . Taking Feng Wu’s hand, he said, “Sister, are you alright? Don’t be upset, Sister! Gosh, my sister’s passed out!”

Well done, little brother .

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