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Published at 7th of February 2020 09:30:06 AM
Chapter 397: 397

Chapter 397: Burst into Tears

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An idea struck Feng Wu… Jun Linyuan had been refusing her the things she needed, but what if she showed the white feather now…

“Aww —” Feng Wu decided to put her sense of shame aside in order to get those things back from Jun Linyuan . Putting her hands over her nose, she let the tears come to her eyes . “It hurts —”

Jun Linyuan glowered at Feng Wu . “Why did you bump into me? Are you an idiot?”

After that, he picked her up in his arms and headed back toward the main hall .

There were servants everywhere in the residence .

Naturally, they stayed out of Jun Linyuan’s way when they saw where he was going .

However, they saw everything anyway .

And they watched in disbelief!

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Miss Wu was being carried?!

By their crown prince? In both arms?

Xiangcao and Baiye, the two maids under Granny Gong, covered their mouths in astonishment .

They hadn’t thought much of Granny Gong’s order until they saw what was going on now —

“Oh my god!”

“H- His Royal Highness…”

Xiangcao and Baiye exchanged looks and both saw astonishment in each other’s eyes . “His Royal Highness is so… and Miss Feng Wu is…”

They had never seen His Royal Highness like this after working in the residence for so many years!

Xiangcao and Baiye weren’t the only ones shocked .

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Zhen Xia was as astounded as everyone else .

She was standing under an eave and she stared at what was going on with a desperate look in her eyes . She bit her lower lip until it bled…

She had sent two letters already… And now, it was time to urgently send the third one!

Miss Zuo Qingluan had to come back to the imperial capital!

Feng Wu knew none of this .

Her head had gone blank after Jun Linyuan picked her up!

She forgot to breathe… What was wrong with Jun Linyuan?

However, since she was playing the weakling here, she couldn’t struggle, or she would give herself away . She had made her bed, so she had to lie in it .

It was so embarrassing that Feng Wu wanted to bury her face in her hands .

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However, she was soon over it . On second thought, since she was playing the role, she would make sure she didn’t do it for nothing .

Jun Linyuan had carried her back to the main hall while Feng Wu was turning all the options over in her head .

“Get me the first-aid kit!” Blue veins popped on Jun Linyuan’s forehead when he saw the blood running down from Feng Wu’s nose .

“It doesn’t hurt that bad, actually…” Feng Wu said feebly when she saw Jun Linyuan’s livid face and the frightened servants .

“Quiet!” Jun Linyuan glowered at her . “Why didn’t you look up? Were you looking for wallets on the ground?”

Feng Wu wailed, “I was thinking about other stuff…”

Jun Linyuan snapped, “What could make you forget where you were going?”

“Feng Xiaoqi…” Feng Wu sobbed . “Poor kid . What did he do to deserve this? He got snatched away just like that . I don’t know how he is now . I don’t even know if he’s still alive . My mother can’t sleep at night and she weeps whenever she thinks of him . I…”

Feng Wu grew up watching her beautiful mother sobbing and weeping and she could mimic it perfectly .

Moreover, she was always such a fierce girl around Jun Linyuan . Showing weakness now had a great effect on him .

Feng Wu had only been pretending to cry in the beginning . However, she was reminded of Feng Xiaoqi’s situation and her tears became genuine .

Jun Linyuan stared at her —

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