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Published at 7th of February 2020 09:30:06 AM
Chapter 399: 399

Chapter 399: Very Intimate

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That was very well-said, little brother!

Feng Wu was having a hard time keeping up her acting, but she had to, after Feng Xiaoqi asked the questions in his anxious voice .

She couldn’t back out now .

She had started this and she had to make it to the end . Gosh, crying like this was so exhausting .

Luckily, the crown prince was convinced by her acting .

After quickly glancing at Feng Wu, he rubbed his nose and reflected on the possibility that he had maltreated Feng Wu .

“Sister, Sister, is it because of him? I’ll get back at him for you —”

After that, Feng Xiaoqi charged at Jun Linyuan like a dauntless calf!

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As much as Feng Xiaoqi revered Jun Linyuan, he cared about his sister even more!

Anything his sister said was right .

All his sister’s orders had to be carried out without question .

His sister had always been composed and level-headed, which convinced him that his sister had to have been so abused for her to cry like that!

Seeing Feng Xiaoqi dashing off like a reckless calf, Feng Wu grabbed him from behind right away!

Threatening her with Feng Xiaoqi’s life had become one of Jun Linyuan’s habits, and the last thing Feng Wu wanted was to provide the crown prince with more excuses to do so .

“I’m fine… really…” Feng Wu sniveled . She had cried too hard to stop altogether .

“Sister!” Blue veins popped on Feng Xiaoqi’s forehead . “You’re always so proud and you never cry! He must have treated you so horribly for you to cry like this!”

Feng Wu was embarrassed —

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She had only been faking it in the beginning…

Realizing that he had gone too far, Jun Linyuan took out the abnormal flame bead and waved it around in front of Feng Wu . “I thought you wanted this?”

“Yes!” Before Feng Wu could reply, Little Phoenix screamed in excitement and nodded its head repeatedly . “Yes! Yes! It’s mine! Mine!”

Once it consumed the abnormal flame bead, Little Phoenix would be able to leave the ring . It had a teleportation skill, which Feng Wu could use as a last resort at a critical moment .

Feng Wu was thrilled at that thought . However, she also knew that Jun Linyuan wouldn’t make it that easy for her . She knew it in her gut .

“Your terms?” Feng Wu stared at Jun Linyuan, alarmed .

Jun Linyuan darted her a contemptuous glance . “You were crying so hard and I thought I would just give it to you, but since you’re questioning my intentions…”

“You said you would give it to me!” Feng Wu jumped at him!

However, Jun Linyuan raised his hand and it was beyond Feng Wu’s reach .

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“Jun Linyuan —” Feng Wu rushed to his side, leaned against him, and reached out with a hand . However, she was too short and Jun Linyuan made sure that she couldn’t touch it .

“Give me —”

“No, I won’t —”

One was eager and the other proud . Both were exceptionally childish .

Feng Xiaoqi rubbed his eyes .

That wasn’t right!

Who was this childish wild girl and what happened to his level-headed sister?

Plus, his sister had always kept her distance from the crown prince like a mouse evading a cat, but the way they were interacting now… why did it look so strange?

At that moment, thump —

Jun Linyuan tripped and fell backward on the chaise lounge . Feng Wu pounced on him, trying to snatch the abnormal flame bead away!

However, Jun Linyuan raised his hand over his head and stopped Feng Wu with his free hand by wrapping it around her waist . No matter how hard Feng Wu tried, she couldn’t get it .

Those two… those two…

Feng Xiaoqi’s mouth fell open!

Only seconds ago, his wise sister had been crying her eyes out . But now, she and the crown prince looked so intimate…

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