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Published at 5th of February 2020 04:50:06 AM
Chapter 392: 392

The truth was all out now .

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Granny Yu had been such a canny, experienced actress that even Feng hadn’t been able to pick out any flaws!

Feng had been about to remind Feng Wu to keep an eye on Granny Yu, for the old lady was very narrow-minded and would seek revenge for the smallest grievance .

Jun Linyuan kept his gaze on Granny Yu for a moment and the look in his eyes was bone-chillingly cold!

He promptly left the courtyard after that .

Granny Yu’s stomach lurched and she almost passed out .

She wouldn’t be frightened if the crown prince had reprimanded or punished her, for that would prove that the crown prince still needed her service . However, he had left without a word… This was much worse than she thought!

Granny Yu lowered her head and cold sweat soaked her clothes .

She clenched both fists . What Feng Wu had done was very impressive!

Feng darted an indifferent look at Granny Yu before making the announcement . “Granny Yu has offended His Royal Highness . Lock her up . His Royal Highness will decide what to do with her later —”

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“Mother — mother —” Yu Chun hadn’t seen that coming at all!

All she did was challenge Feng Wu a little, but Feng Wu didn’t get so much as a scratch while Yu Chun was being beaten up here… What was wrong with this world? Wasn’t Feng Wu just a useless girl?

Feng turned his cold gaze on Yu Chun and left another instruction . “Yu Chun hasn’t been properly caned . She gets another 60 lashes!”

This time, it would be 60 lashes for real!

Yu Chun fainted when she heard the announcement .

“As for you lot —” Feng darted a glance at the four guards in charge of the caning . “You’re getting 60 lashes each . Questions?”

Of the four, two guards were in charge of counting while the other two did the actual caning . They exchanged looks and all four of them let out breaths of relief .

They had thought they would get the death penalty for this . What a relief .

Feng looked around, his voice cold and emotionless . “Gather all the servants here! Everyone is going to watch the caning!”

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Feng was doing this for their own good .

Many didn’t know how special Miss Wu was to His Royal Highness, so Feng took the opportunity to let them see that .

Yu Chun had pretended to pass out, but she fainted for real now .

Feng gave a wave of his hand . “Do it!”

Thump —

The sound of canes hitting flesh resonated in the yard .

All the servants watched and everyone was shaken .

Granny Gong, the senior granny who was second only to Granny Yu, turned in the direction of the main hall with an indecipherable look in her eyes .

The caning was a great lesson, and she now knew that Miss Feng Wu wasn’t someone they could mess with . Not only that, they had to show her respect and dote on her…

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In the main hall .

Jun Linyuan sat there, still emanating a cold air .

Feng Wu sat next to him and would look up at him every now and then, but Jun Linyuan kept his silence, his face livid .

Feng Wu looked out the window . It was getting dark and she couldn’t stay here overnight!

“Jun Linyuan…” Feng Wu poked his arm with a finger .

The crown prince ignored her .


Feng Wu poked his arm again .

The crown prince ignored her .

“Your Royal Highness…”

Feng Wu poked his arm again .

Jun Linyuan finally darted her a haughty look .

“Are you mad?” Feng Wu forced a smile . Jun Linyuan had everything she desperately needed: her brother, her abnormal flame bead, and her broken star piece . She had no choice but to fawn over him .

Of course Jun Linyuan had figured out the trap Feng Wu had set for Granny Yu back there .

Jun Linyuan was appeased slightly after Feng Wu moved a little closer . He stared at Feng Wu . “I’m hungry . ”

“I’ll go cook for you!”

Feng Wu dashed off right away .

Seeing how hasty the girl was, Jun Linyuan smiled as Feng Wu ran off .

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