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Chapter 391: 391

“What are you thinking?” Jun Linyuan noticed the expressions on Feng Wu’s face . She had been bewildered at first, then looked conflicted, before her eyes lit up . Jun Linyuan frowned .

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Feng Wu rubbed her nose and looked at him funny . So, he was taking her for a pet?

“I can see it in your eyes . ” Jun Linyuan glanced at Feng Wu .

“I thought you were hungry?” Feng Wu reminded him .

“And I thought you were going to cook for me?”

Feng Wu shrugged . “I was, then your Yu Chun came in and everything got smashed . There’s nothing left . ”

Jun Linyuan frowned and looked displeased .

Feng Wu grinned at Jun Linyuan . “You know what? The cries out there are really loud . Is Yu Chun going to make it? 60 lashes is a lot . It’ll be such a gory scene, wouldn’t it?”

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She had set up a trap there by changing it to 60 lashes .

Jun Linyuan’s frown grew bigger and he looked even more unhappy .

“How about we go have a look? I’ll get to play the savior if Yu Chun is badly hurt . ” Feng Wu rose to her feet after that .

As Feng Wu walked out, Jun Linyuan had no other choice but to follow .

In the courtyard outside the main hall .

Yu Chun lay on her stomach on a bench with a piece of white cloth in her mouth . She was crying loudly and her eyes shone with fury and provocation when she saw Feng Wu come out .

Feng Wu, we’ll wait and see . I’ll kill you the first chance I get! Yu Chun swore inwardly .

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Granny Yu stood opposite her with her chin raised in an arrogant manner . Her face was stern and her eyes cold .

Seeing Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu come out, the two guards holding the canes exchanged looks and both were flustered!

“How many now?” Feng Wu asked .

“59 —” One of the guards lowered his head and replied in a low voice .

Jun Linyuan took one look at Yu Chun and his face turned as dark as a stormy sky . The temperature in the courtyard dropped!

Seeing Feng Wu come out, Granny Yu blanched and she no longer looked so haughty…

Feng Wu had appealed to Jun Linyuan on Yu Chun’s behalf and in Granny Yu’s mind, Feng Wu had shown the white feather .

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That had made Granny Yu reckless . She had been standing there to intimidate the two guards so that they would go easy on Yu Chun . Little did Granny Yu expect that the appeal had been part of Feng Wu’s plan!

Granny Yu had made a great show of actively seeking punishment for Yu Chun . However, she was taken by surprise when Jun Linyuan came out himself to check… Her cover was blown!

The crown prince would discover how she had abused his trust and how pretentious she had been… Granny Yu’s face darkened!

“This is great —” Feng Wu let out a low, amazed cry . “I thought Yu Chun’s skin would be in tatters after 60 lashes, but I don’t see any blood . I guess I don’t need to play doctor today . ”

Both guards holding the canes panicked!

They had neglected their duty in order to do Granny Yu a favor!

“Your Royal Highness —” Both guards broke into cold sweats .

Jun Linyuan crossed his hands behind his back and his countenance was colder than a winter morning . A storm seemed to gather above the courtyard .

He then turned his sharp gaze on Granny Yu!

Granny Yu dropped to her knees with a thump!

Although Feng hadn’t said anything so far, the look he gave Feng Wu was very appreciative .

Miss Wu was such a bright girl . She had gotten Granny Yu to lower her guard by pleading on Yu Chun’s behalf, and when Granny Yu manipulated the guards as she had planned, Miss Wu showed His Royal Highness what the old lady was really doing —

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