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Chapter 393: 393

All ten dishes were bright red in color and Feng Wu set them out on the table .

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After Granny Yu’s imprisonment, Granny Gong was now in charge .

Granny Gong had learned that Feng Wu wasn’t someone they could afford to offend, so she entered the kitchen with a bright smile .

She spotted the spicy dishes as soon as she set foot inside, which made her eyes flicker and the corner of her mouth twitch —

“Miss Wu —”

Granny Gong smiled brightly and her voice was warm and kind . “Do you need anything? I brought maids with me and they’re at your service . ”

Seeing that Feng Wu was cleaning up after she was done cooking, Granny Gong said in a hurry, “Oh god, Miss Wu, that’s not befitting a young lady, you’ll hurt your delicate hands . Xiangcao, Baiye, don’t just stand there!”

Xiangcao and Baiye rushed over, got Feng Wu away from the sink, and took over the cleaning themselves .

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Feng Wu could tell that Granny Gong was doing this out of kindness, so she gave the granny a smile and said, “Shall I serve the dishes, then?”

Granny Gong wouldn’t have let Feng Wu do it, if it wasn’t for the intimidating air the crown prince was giving off . She didn’t dare enter the main hall herself, let alone any of the other maids .

Miss Wu was the only one His Royal Highness would be happy to see .

Hence, Granny Gong replied with a smile, “Of course . Miss Wu, please don’t hesitate to give us instructions if you need anything . ”

Feng Wu gave her a nod, then went off to serve the dishes .

After Feng Wu left, Xiangcao asked in bewilderment, “Granny, do we have to be that polite to Miss Wu?”

Even the servants of the crown prince’s residence were considered superior figures when they went out . As the most senior granny in the residence, Granny Gong was so influential that even someone like Mrs Yan would try to befriend her .

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Granny Gong cast a stern look at Xiangcao . “You girls know nothing! You don’t have to understand, but just remember this: Miss Wu is always right . ”

“But…” Baiye said hesitantly . “Even if His Royal Highness favors Miss Wu, Miss Zuo is still going to be the one he marries in the end, isn’t it?”

So, was it wise to take Miss Feng Wu’s side now?

Granny Gong looked at each maid in turn .

Although she couldn’t put all the pieces together yet, Feng could . That steward knew better .

“Miss Zuo… well, I’m not sure that the marriage will take place after all . Anyway, just make sure you never offend Miss Wu from now on!” Granny Gong said in a warning tone .

His Royal Highness’s attitude aside, Feng Wu’s own cleverness alone was enough to impress Granny Gong .

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After some thought, Granny Gong decided to go have a look at the main hall .

In the main hall .

Feng Wu had squeezed all the dishes onto the table and she asked Jun Linyuan in a cheerful tone, “So, happy now?”

Jun Linyuan was still slouching on the chaise lounge and he gave Feng Wu an indifferent look .

“It’s all set . Didn’t you say you were hungry? Come here and eat,” Feng Wu prompted .

However, the crown prince only leaned back, rested his head on his hands, and stared at her .

What now, Your Royal Highness?

Feng Wu hurried to his side like a butterfly and took him by the arm . “Quickly . It won’t taste as good if the food gets cold . I’m not doing it for the third time . Hurry up!”

Jun Linyuan let Feng Wu pull him to his feet and followed her to the table .

In a corner of the room, Granny Gong and Feng exchanged looks .

Feng raised an eyebrow .  What did I tell you?

Granny Gong nodded . She saw it now . No one else would dare persuade His Royal Highness when he didn’t want to eat, and they wouldn’t have succeeded even if they had been daring enough to try!

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