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Published at 2nd of February 2020 02:55:06 PM
Chapter 387: 387

Feng Wu was exasperated! Damn that Yu Chun!

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Seeing Feng Wu’s reaction, Yu Chun was over the moon .  Feng Wu, you’re dead!

Jun Linyuan turned his gaze on Feng Wu again .

Feng Wu waved both hands in denial . “I really didn’t say that . I promise —”

“You did, you so did —”

All the maids and grannies who had been defeated by Feng Wu began to talk all at once .

“You said you didn’t mind the annulled engagement . You said you would stay with His Royal Highness even if you could only be his concubine or maid!”

“You also said you didn’t mind His Royal Highness not liking you! You said all you needed was your love for him!”

“You told us to keep our distance from His Royal Highness, because you wanted him for yourself! We only fought with you because we couldn’t stand it!”

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Feng Wu stomped her foot in fury!

That was pure slander!


However, before she could say another word, she was dragged away by Jun Linyuan .

“Wait, wait —”

Feng Wu stumbled after Jun Linyuan, but she still tried to explain to him in a loud voice, “They made all that up . I’m being framed here . They —”

Thump —

Jun Linyuan threw Feng Wu onto a cushioned chaise lounge .

Thump .

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As soon as Feng Wu landed on it, Jun Linyuan fell on top of her and pinned her down .

“Jun Linyuan!”

Feng Wu felt like crying!

She had never felt so aggrieved… She didn’t even like Jun Linyuan . Why was everyone doing this to her?

Looking down, Jun Linyuan saw Feng Wu scratching and kicking with all four limbs, which reminded him of a defiant wild kitten .

To Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu’s struggles felt more like a gentle massage .

He kept his brooding gaze on her, so focused that he forgot to blink .

Everyone told him that this girl was in love with him .

And he could sense her secret admiration for him as well .

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However, she kept on denying it and she would fight tooth and claw whenever he got near her… What was wrong? The clever, scheming crown prince was at a loss for the first time in his life .

While Jun Linyuan’s mind wandered off, Feng Wu seized the opportunity to escape . She twisted swiftly beneath him and got down from the chaise lounge, then ran as far away from him as possible . She was on the alert the whole time .

Seeing how jumpy the girl was, Jun Linyuan was very amused .

“She’s doing one thing when what she wants is the polar opposite,” Jun Linyuan told himself in satisfaction . “She’s doing everything to catch my attention . Well, since she’s enjoying it so much, why should I expose her?”

Once he figured that out, Jun Linyuan smiled a little and waved at Feng Wu . “Come here —”

Going to him was the last thing in the world Feng Wu wanted to do . The guy was always pinning her down or kissing her against her will . Why should she listen to him?!

Not only didn’t she move any closer to him, she started looking for a way out of the room .

“So, you don’t want the abnormal flame bead?” Jun Linyuan said in an unconcerned tone as he sat on the chaise lounge and crossed his long legs .

The cat-like girl was so sensitive . He would give her an excuse and she would come to him right away .

Feng Wu hesitated at the mention of the abnormal flame bead…

“Go to him —” Little Phoenix was excited as soon as it heard that name, and it wouldn’t stop prompting Feng Wu .

“And your brother?” Jun Linyuan added in a careless tone .

Feng Wu clenched her fists!

Damn it! She would so punch Jun Linyuan in the face if she was capable enough! The guy was a total bully!

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