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Chapter 388: 388

It was so frustrating to be ordered around like this .

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Feng Wu took a deep breath and clenched her fists . When she turned around, she was beaming .

If she had to give in, she would make sure she didn’t do it for nothing . She was going to get everything she wanted .

“Come here —”

Jun Linyuan beckoned Feng Wu over .

Feng Wu was all smiles . “Your Royal Highness —”

Jun Linyuan shuddered . “That’s too fake . Stop it . ”

Feng Wu snorted . “You’re so demanding . Now my smile is too bright for you?”

Jun Linyuan took a first-aid kit from Feng, opened a bottle of pale purple potion, dipped a cotton wad in it, and pressed it to Feng Wu’s cheek .

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Feng looked away in silence .

This was the first time ever that the crown prince was taking care of another person’s wound .

“That hurts —” Feng Wu drew in her breath and pushed Jun Linyuan’s hand away . “Don’t bother . I recover pretty fast and scabs will form pretty quickly . ”

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu in surprise . Anyone else as beautiful as she was wouldn’t stop taking care of their skin . This girl, on the other hand, didn’t even blink when her face was scratched . He didn’t know how that was even possible .

And that offhandedness was exactly what made Jun Linyuan hold her in high esteem .

While Jun Linyuan was still trying to treat Feng Wu’s wound, footsteps came from outside and someone fell to their knees with a thump and wailed, “Your Royal Highness — sob —”

It was none other than that Yu Chun .

Feng Wu stole a glance in that direction and saw an elderly granny standing there with a straight face, while Yu Chun was on her knees .

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Feng narrowed his eyes, looking displeased .

His Royal Highness’s first attempt to please a girl had been interrupted just like that .

“Your Royal Highness —” Seeing that Jun Linyuan wouldn’t look at her, Yu Chun inched forward as she wailed until she was next to Jun Linyuan . “Your Royal Highness —”

Jun Linyuan tossed the cotton wad away, then gave Granny Yu a brooding glance .

Yu Chun was exhilarated!

Because her mother was the crown prince’s old wet nurse, her family was treated differently in the residence . Even the empress dowager spoke politely to Granny Yu, so Yu Chun was sure that the crown prince would show her some respect .

However, Granny Yu’s eyes widened when she saw what was going on .

The stern-faced granny saw with her own eyes the crown prince treating Feng Wu’s wound himself!

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Granny Yu felt as if a clap of thunder had exploded over her head!

She couldn’t believe it!

Her master never liked women getting too close to him, to say nothing of him touching them… He would flare up when women got within three meters of him!

But now, he was treating Feng Wu himself? The crown prince?

What did that mean?!

Didn’t they say that Miss Wu wouldn’t leave the crown prince alone? It didn’t look like that at all…

Feng Wu grabbed Jun Linyuan’s wrist . “Stop it . It hurts . ”

Jun Linyuan pulled a long face and glared at her . “Do you want to get a scar on your face? You’ll be so ugly!”

“It’s none of your business!”

“Shut up!” Despite his harsh tone, Jun Linyuan was very gentle when he touched her face, as if he was handling the most delicate treasure…

Granny Yu drew in her breath . This was bad…

She hadn’t gotten to where she was because of luck .

Instead of appealing to Jun Linyuan for mercy on Yu Chun’s behalf, Granny Yu dropped to her knees and said in a solemn voice, “Yu Chun offended her superior on purpose, which is a crime punishable by death . Your Royal Highness, Yu Chun needs to be severely punished . ”

Feng Wu looked at the strict-looking granny and her eyes flickered .

The others missed it, but Feng Wu noticed Granny Yu darting a malicious look in her direction .

However, Jun Linyuan was —

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