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Published at 2nd of February 2020 02:55:06 PM
Chapter 386: 386
Chapter 386: Your Royal Highness, She Says She’s in Love with You!

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Jun Linyuan moved so fast that the gust of wind he created almost blew Chang San away!

“What happened?” Feng frowned .

“Yu Chun gathered some maids together and they ran into the small kitchen with weapons . ”

“Why didn’t you come sooner?!” Where Feng Wu’s safety was concerned, even someone as composed as Feng couldn’t stay calm .

Chang San was confused . “But His Royal Highness doesn’t like Miss Wu at all…”

“You idiot!” Feng hurried toward the small kitchen!

Jun Linyuan arrived at the small kitchen to find it a mess .

Over a dozen maids and grannies were scattered all over the floor and Yu Chun was the only maid standing . Her head was covered in red peppers and her face was streaked with tears, blood, and the leftovers from the dishes, making her the most sorry picture .

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However, Jun Linyuan only looked at Yu Chun in passing before his gaze landed on Feng Wu .

She was perfectly clean and unscathed, and looked completely innocent .

Jun Linyuan’s presence silenced everyone right away . No one dared to even let out a moan .

All was quiet .

They all looked at Jun Linyuan in disbelief .

Why was His Royal Highness here?

Feng rushed in and let out a breath of relief when he found Feng Wu unscathed .

Phew … So many people would be dead if anything happened to her .

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Feng Wu’s heart sank when she saw Jun Linyuan —

She had been having so much fun dealing with these people that she had forgotten what she was here for!

She had to make him happy, for only then would he give her what she needed… Look at this mess . Jun Linyuan would be so pissed!

Cold air spread out from Jun Linyuan when his gaze landed on Feng Wu . He frowned and reprimanded her . “What have you done this time?”

Yu Chun had been flustered by Jun Linyuan’s cold glance . Hearing him speak to Feng Wu in that harsh tone, Yu Chun was relieved and she cried loudly .

“Your Royal Highness — sob — Miss Feng Wu was so rude to us . And she was so violent . Look what she did to me — You have to punish her —”

The others cried along once Yu Chun started and the room became very noisy .

Blue veins popped at the corner of Jun Linyuan’s forehead .

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Feng said in an impassive tone, “Keep crying and there will be blood . ”

That successfully shut everyone up!

Jun Linyuan frowned when he saw that the lower hem of Feng Wu’s crimson skirt had been stained by the food . He took her soft hand and began to drag her out of the kitchen .

Yu Chun’s stomach lurched when she saw that and she had a bad feeling .

She hastily cried out the first thing that came to her mind . “Your Royal Highness! Miss Wu said she was in love with you! She said she would never leave you alone!”

Yu Chun knew that the crown prince abhorred those infatuated women that wouldn’t keep their eyes off him, which was why she had said it . She wanted the crown prince to find Feng Wu repulsive .

However —

The crown prince’s reaction was a little strange .

He darted a look at Feng Wu and his eyes flickered . He even smiled a little .

“Did you really say that?” The proud crown prince gave Feng Wu an indifferent glance .

Of course Feng Wu hadn’t!

“No, I didn’t!” Feng Wu raised her hands in protest . “I never said such things! She’s making it up!”

Yu Chun smirked inwardly, but went on weeping . “Miss Wu, you can’t go back on your word like that . I’m not alone here . They all heard it, right?”

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