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Published at 1st of February 2020 02:40:06 PM
Chapter 385: 385

“I didn’t ‘dare . ’ I did hit you . ” Feng Wu smirked .

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How dare a little maid be so arrogant toward her?

“Nice! Very nice!” Covering her cheek with a hand, Yu Chun snorted .

Because she was one of the four senior maids of the crown prince, she had always been fawned on when she went out .

“Even Zuo Qingluan, the eldest daughter of the Zuo family, addresses me as Sister Yu Chun! Who the hell do you think you are?!” Yu Chun pointed at Feng Wu . “You’ll see what happens when you offend me! Take her!”

Yu Chun gave a wave of her hand .

The dozen or so young maids behind her rushed out, trying to take Feng Wu down .

Feng Wu’s eyes flickered and she grabbed the dishes on the table .

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Thump! Thump! Thump!

All the dishes and plates were smashed onto the maids’ heads .

Crash —

The maids were hit before they could even get close to Feng Wu . Their faces were covered in blood and it was a shocking sight!

Yu Chun was astonished!

“You worthless piece of shit! How dare you do that in the crown prince’s residence?!” Grabbing a broomstick, Yu Chun charged at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu only smiled . Looking down at the dishes she had cooked, she gave a wave of her hand .

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Thump! Thump! Thump!

All five dishes landed on Yu Chun’s head!

Feng Wu had made Sichuan cuisine and the dishes were all spicy and hot red . And now, Yu Chun’s head was covered in chilli peppers…

With the blood and the red peppers, it looked as if Yu Chun’s head had been cracked open . The red was dazzling .

And the chili peppers got into her wound and she trembled in pain .

In the main hall .

The proud crown prince reclined in a rocking chair with a book in his hands . He seemed to be absorbed in his reading .

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Feng wanted to remind his master that he hadn’t turned a page in ten minutes…

Feng Wu’s face kept popping into Jun Linyuan’s head . She was accusing him one moment and glaring at him the next . He was reminded of her soft lips and…

He couldn’t take it anymore!

Tossing the book aside, Jun Linyuan looked up and met Feng’s knowing eyes .

“What are you looking at?!” the teenager snapped .

Feng sighed inwardly . The crown prince was so self-disciplined and so good at maintaining his concentration that no one could affect his mood . But that was before . He couldn’t even focus enough now to read a book and his emotions were written all over his face .

Sigh .

Feng decided to remind his young master a little . “Your Royal Highness, Miss Wu… is a rather nice girl, isn’t she?”

“No, she’s not!” Jun Linyuan glared at Feng and snapped, “She’s so short-tempered, as thin as a stick, stubborn, and ungrateful…”

Feng listened in silence to the crown prince’s complaints .  If she’s really that awful, why do you keep going back to her?

Chang San had noticed Yu Chun charging into the small kitchen with her minions and came to inform Jun Linyuan . He heard the crown prince’s criticism before he walked in and he was dazed .

So, His Royal Highness really didn’t like Miss Feng Wu . But Mr Feng was telling a completely different story, so which one should he believe? Chang San was confused .

Just then, the sound of something being smashed to pieces rang out in the small kitchen .

Jun Linyuan, who couldn’t stop saying bad things about Feng Wu, bolted up and dashed off!

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