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Chapter 378: 378

Jun Linyuan snickered . “You had it coming . What did you think would happen after flirting with me like that?”

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He had figured it out . Since the girl liked him that much and he didn’t find her touch repulsive, he would just take her . Maybe this strange feeling would go away after he slept with her .

At that thought, Jun Linyuan lowered his head and wanted to kiss her again .

Feng Wu raised her hand to slap him .

But Jun Linyuan stopped her before she could touch him and he smirked . “Do you seriously think I’ll let you do that?”

“There is no cat and mouse play and I’ve never flirted with you!” Feng Wu said in exasperation .

“You touched me,” the crown prince said arrogantly . “You touched my hands and my chest . Are you going to deny it?”

That set Feng Wu off and she said with a smirk, “I was only looking for the broken star piece, not touching you . Why would I do that when I find you so repulsive? Your Royal Highness, stop flattering yourself!”

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The world seemed to switch to silent mode at Feng Wu’s words…

Jun Linyuan stiffened and his eyes turned red . He then said between gritted teeth, “Feng Wu, I dare you to say that again!”

Jun Linyuan was furious .

Recalling all those occasions when she had been mistaken, Feng Wu was equally infuriated . She snorted . “Why would I touch you when I find you so annoying? Your Royal Highness, you think too highly of yourself!”


Jun Linyuan’s fist came down at Feng Wu!

Seeing the formidable fist coming her way, Feng Wu’s head went blank and she forgot to breathe .

For a moment, she thought she was going to die…

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However, the fist brushed past her when it almost touched her face .

Crack! The fist landed on the floor of the carriage instead .

The gust of wind it created felt like a sharp blade on Feng Wu’s cheek .

The most frightening thing was that the carriage was turned into crumbs by that single strike .

And all four horses went down on their knees…

The driver also knelt down and didn’t dare move .

The crown prince’s wrath was as formidable as an earthquake, which was more than a single carriage could take .

All was deadly silent…

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Even the air seemed to freeze .

Feng had been following them in his own carriage and he had been planning to talk to the crown prince when they got back . The teenager needed to realize that he could only win a girl’s heart with gentle words, not harsh once . Then —

He saw the carriage in front of him collapse —

And he also saw the crown prince on top of little Feng Wu . That was —

“Hmph!” The proud teenager snorted, rose to his feet, and darted a contemptuous glance at Feng Wu .

Very contemptuous…

Feng felt so helpless . That bratty crown prince… How would he ever get any girl? He was practically chasing them away!

When he saw the state Feng Wu was in, Feng felt even more helpless .

Feng Wu’s eyes were bloodshot red and her face was ghastly pale; what was worse, there were a few bloody scratches on her cheek .

“Miss Wu, your face is injured…”

Was it? Feng Wu touched her face and her hand came back covered with blood .

Jun Linyuan’s fist had glanced off it when it brushed past her .

Feng Wu gritted her teeth and threw a dirty look at Jun Linyuan . She then cupped her hands at Feng . “Thank you for your concern . I’ll be on my way . ”

Feng hesitated . The two teenagers had obviously been fighting, and if he let Miss Wu leave now, the crown prince would only sulk when he got back home . The entire manor would be turned upside down .

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