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Chapter 379: 379

Feng smiled apologetically . “Miss Wu, the crown prince’s residence is only a few miles away . How about you come back with us so that we can treat your wound?”

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“That won’t be necessary . I don’t deserve that sort of attention,” Feng Wu said grumpily and turned to leave .

“How dare you leave now?!”

The arrogant crown prince almost exploded!

Couldn’t this woman see that she was hurt? Why did she still want to leave?

Seeing the scratches on Feng Wu’s cheek, Jun Linyuan narrowed his eyes, and somehow, he couldn’t give vent to his frustration .

“Stop right there!” Jun Linyuan’s face was livid .

Feng Wu ignored him .

Why should she listen to him?

Who did he think he was?

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“One more step and I’ll kill Feng Xiaoqi!”

Jun Linyuan’s cold voice rang out behind Feng Wu .

And Feng Wu was furious!

Poor Xiaoqi . She hadn’t had a chance to see him after he was taken away, and she had no idea how he was doing .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Feng Wu turned around and went up to Jun Linyuan . She was stomping her feet so hard that she looked like a cannonball .

She looked Jun Linyuan in the eye .

Her limpid eyes were bloodshot red and she looked like she was going to explode at any moment . She was so intimidating!

Her smooth, exquisite cheek now had three tiny scratches on it . Perfection had been ruined and it was a painful sight .

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When he looked into Feng Wu’s infuriated eyes, somehow, Jun Linyuan wasn’t so sure about himself anymore…

Evading those frighteningly bright eyes, he looked down and saw the three bloody scratches on her left cheek .

Instantly, something painful filled his chest…

“Jun Linyuan, what’s wrong with you?!” Feng Wu was ablaze with anger . “Did I offend you in Northern Border City?

“Have I mistreated you?

“Have I provoked you somehow?

“And is this how you repay my hospitality?

“What has Xiaoqi ever done to deserve this? You snatched him just like that! He’s only 12 years old!

“My family had to move all the way from Northern Border City to the imperial capital all because of you! Do you have any idea how dangerous the journey was?

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“And do you know how dangerous the imperial capital is for us? And how difficult my mother’s life will be here? Do you know how many men are drooling over her?

“You’re the superior crown prince of the empire and one word from you can change a person’s entire life . Fine, you’re invincible like that . But have you ever considered people like us?!”

Feng Wu was too angry to choose her words carefully .

She stepped forward with each sentence and Jun Linyuan fell back as she pressed on .

In the end, Jun Linyuan’s way was blocked by a tree and he had nowhere to go . When he looked at Feng Wu again, the rage in his eyes was gone, replaced by pity .

“Jun Linyuan! I hate you!” Feng Wu roared .

On any given day, the proud crown prince would yell back, “I can say the same to you!”

However, all he did now was rub his nose as his eyes darted around .

His gaze sharpened when it landed on Feng .

After hanging around the crown prince for so many years, Feng took the hint right away .

His Royal Highness was embarrassed and he needed a way out . Feng was supposed to create that way now .

” Ahem — ” Feng said with a kind smile . “I don’t think we’ll be able to settle anything out here on the road . How about we go back to the crown prince’s residence or the Feng manor to talk it over?”

The Feng manor? Feng Wu shook her head involuntarily when she recalled how snobbish her uncle was . She couldn’t take them back there .

“To the crown prince’s residence, then!” Feng Wu snorted . She wasn’t going to let Jun Linyuan intimidate her!

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