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Published at 28th of January 2020 02:45:08 PM
Chapter 377: 377

“Yes!” Feng Wu involuntarily bolted upright . However, the carriage ceiling was too low for that and her head smashed into the hard wooden board overhead . She drew in a pained breath .

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Jun Linyuan narrowed his eyes a little and he pulled Feng Wu to his side .

” Ssss — ” Feng Wu put a hand on her forehead and grimaced in pain .

The crown prince brushed away Feng Wu’s hand and rubbed her head for her .

A warm sensation spread out on Feng Wu’s head and the pain eased up right away . Feng Wu was amazed and she looked up at Jun Linyuan .

Jun Linyuan wouldn’t return her gaze . With a livid face, he went on rubbing her head .

An idea then struck Feng Wu!

This was a great opportunity for her to steal that broken star piece back!

At that thought, Feng Wu felt inside Jun Linyuan’s sleeves .

Jun Linyuan’s back stiffened . What was the girl doing?

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Searching further up Jun Linyuan’s wide sleeves, Feng Wu made sure not to touch him . However, after a while, she realized in dismay that the box wasn’t there .

Could it be in his chest pocket?

Feng Wu moved into action again . Stealthily, she felt around Jun Linyuan’s chest .

Jun Linyuan stiffened again!

And he found it hard to breathe .

However, he was secretly pleased . The two-faced girl was taking advantage of him when she thought he wasn’t looking!

“Are you that desperate?” Jun Linyuan said in a taunting voice and he caught the fair hand reaching into his chest pocket .

Feng Wu said, “You’re out of your mind!”

“Am I?” Jun Linyuan sat down, then pinned Feng Wu on his lap .

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That was way too intimate for Feng Wu’s taste . She wanted to move away, but Jun Linyuan stopped her by pressing a hand to the back of her head .

She could feel the warmth of his skin and his hot breath on her cheeks…

Their eyes then met .

His brooding eyes looked frighteningly bright now…

Jun Linyuan saw vexation and an evasive look on Feng Wu’s stunning face .

She wanted to run away now?

Jun Linyuan smirked . Before Feng Wu could do anything else, he leaned toward her .

And they were so close that the tips of their noses touched .

Feng Wu’s heart raced…

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Jun Linyuan snorted . “You couldn’t keep your hands off me and you’re running away now? Stop playing hard to get!”

He moved closer and Feng Wu stopped breathing at the predatory look in his eyes!

Feng Wu’s head went blank!

For she was furious!

What did he mean by “can’t keep her hands off him”? She was only after the broken star piece!

And what was that about “playing hard to get”? She wasn’t interested in him at all!

Could this man ever stop flattering himself?!

Feng Wu pounded on Jun Linyuan’s chest with her fists, but Jun Linyuan took her wrists and kissed her even harder .

Feng Wu felt like crying!

This man was so unreasonable!

He ravished her mouth with his unruly tongue!

Feng Wu struggled with all her might . With her hands restrained, she kicked him instead .

Jun Linyuan turned the two of them around and pinned Feng Wu to the floor . His husky voice sounded quite sexy . “Little Feng Wu, enough with this cat and mouse play!”

He was so sure of himself!

Feng Wu was fuming .

She wanted to slap herself . What had she been thinking, jumping into Jun Linyuan’s carriage? She was too powerless to stop him at this stage!

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