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Published at 25th of January 2020 03:45:07 PM
Chapter 371: 371

With Jun Linyuan, the smart guy who had a habit of sabotaging her missions, Feng Wu really wasn’t sure what would happen .

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Jun Linyuan was all cheerful inwardly, but he managed to keep his stunning face very straight . He was solemn, stern, and utterly unapproachable .

The crowd couldn’t hear their conversation and they had no idea what those two were discussing .

All they saw was Feng Wu eagerly begging for something, while the proud crown prince ignored her .

That Feng Wu!

Why was she so close to their crown prince? Who did she think she was? Her engagement to the crown prince was already canceled! She should keep her distance!

The teenage girls glared at Feng Wu with jealousy until their eyes turned red from all the staring .

Feng Wu had no idea what was going on in their heads . She poked Jun Linyuan’s waist again . “Jun Linyuan…”

“Speak —” the crown prince said unhurriedly .

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“Can you give me back… my key? Please?” Feng Wu swallowed the humiliation silently .

Feng Wu kept telling herself in her head that to get what she wanted, she had to be able to adapt to any situation . This was nothing .

Jun Linyuan darted a haughty look at Feng Wu and snorted . “That’s all you can do?”

“Huh?” Feng Wu was at a loss . She was trying to steal from Sir Yan . What more did he want from her?

The crown prince was very pleased to see the confused look on the girl’s exquisite face . It was so nice to have the girl beg him for help…

Although he had no idea why he felt that way, he was smart enough to realize how to stretch that feeling .

He would make Feng Wu owe him .

After that, he would ask her to repay him every day, and he would be able to see her flare up like a little angry lion all the time… It was so much fun just thinking about it!

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At that thought, Jun Linyuan raised the hand that was holding the key —

Feng Wu’s heart raced!

Was he really going to show the others that key?! Feng Wu grabbed Jun Linyuan by his wrist without hesitation!


The teenage girls in the crowd thought they were going to explode and their pupils contracted!

His hand!

Feng Wu had touched His Royal Highness’s hand!

The crown prince was famous for being a neat freak!

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He would cut Feng Wu’s hands off for sure!

Many found the upcoming gory scene frightening and they covered their eyes with their hands, but they still couldn’t help but peek through the gaps between their fingers…

As soon as Feng Wu grabbed Jun Linyuan’s wrist —

The crown prince felt as if electricity was rushing through his veins . His heart raced, his back stiffened, and he stood there dazed, not knowing how to react .

Feng Wu had no idea of any of that . Shaking Jun Linyuan’s arm nervously, she pleaded in a pitiful voice, “Jun Linyuan, are – are you going to…”

“No . ”

“Are you going to steal the broken star piece for me, then?” Feng Wu looked up at him eagerly .

Speechless, Jun Linyuan gave her a contemptuous “are you an idiot” look .

“What’s wrong with you? Who do you think I am? Do I need to steal when I want something?” the crown prince said with a smirk .

Feng Wu darted him a glance . “Do you have a better idea?”

Jun Linyuan rolled his eyes . “You need an idea for a petty thing like this?”

He didn’t want to talk to his dumb little Feng Wu anymore .

He then beckoned Sir Yan over with a casual wave of his hand .

Sir Yan smiled bitterly… Yan Yan had admitted everything and her future looked very bleak . However, he couldn’t take the crown prince’s command lightly . He went up to Jun Linyuan in a hurry .

Jun Linyuan darted an indifferent look at Sir Yan .

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