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Chapter 370: 370

Crossing her hands behind her back, Feng Wu stuck out her chest and snorted contemptuously . “Without you, I could have still gotten her to do exactly what I wanted, as easy as that! She didn’t stand a chance!”

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The crowd was dumbfounded .

She had three backup plans?!

And she could indeed use any of them to defeat Yan Yan completely .

Feng Wu was amazing!

No, no, no…

That wasn’t the point!

The point was that Feng Wu was bold enough to provoke the crown prince like that! How dare she, when the crown prince had helped her?

This was beyond being proud! She had to have a death wish!

All the girls looked expectantly at Jun Linyuan .  Your Royal Highness, how can you let her do that to you?!

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Jun Linyuan ground his teeth .

No wonder she hadn’t asked him for help . She had had everything under control .

However, it was really interesting to see the girl defy him like this .

Moving closer to Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan smiled wickedly and breathed into her ear . “Hey, do you still want that broken star piece?”

Yes! Feng Wu’s eyes sparkled and her face lit up!

The crown prince was very pleased .

Have as many backup plans as you want, but you can’t get that lock open on your own!

And he was right .

Raising his chin proudly, Jun Linyuan looked up at the sky and into the distance —

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He made it so clear: Beg me . Now .

Feng Wu snorted . She would never do that, for she could always wait for another chance . Someone as smart as she was would never be daunted by such a petty setback .

However, Feng Wu realized that something was very wrong when she felt around the inside of her sleeve!

Her heart sank .

That key!

The key she had taken from Sir Yan was gone! It had been there a minute ago .

Feng Wu looked down at Jun Linyuan’s hand involuntarily, and as expected, she saw it in his palm .

The crown prince whispered in her ear, “Well, if Sir Yan finds out that you…”

“Jun! Lin! Yuan!” Feng Wu lowered her voice and squeezed out that name through gritted teeth .

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Jun Linyuan was very pleased to see the girl flare up . His chin still raised, he darted a look at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu took the hint right away .

Beg him now or he would show everyone the key . With Jun Linyuan’s words, everyone would believe that she had stolen the key .

Feng Wu took a deep breath .

She had almost found him lovely when he had taken care of Yan Yan just then . But he was back to his old self already!

“3… 2…”

Raising his chin and crossing his hands behind his back, Jun Linyuan looked so proud that Feng Wu wanted to scream .


A slim, fair finger jabbed Jun Linyuan in his waist .

“Yes?” Jun Linyuan put on a solemn face .

This man!

He was really pushing it!

Feng Wu was so mad . However, she had no choice but to take a deep breath to fight back her anger before forcing out an ingratiating smile .

She had to try so hard that the muscles on her face twitched .

“Your Royal Highness…” Feng Wu poked Jun Linyuan’s waist again .

She had to do it .

She could try to steal the broken star piece later, but she couldn’t afford to be charged for theft…

No one else could intimidate her, for she knew that she was superior in intelligence and mindset . However —

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