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Chapter 372: 372

Jun Linyuan’s dark eyes reminded Sir Yan of an abyss .

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Before long, Sir Yan’s knees buckled and his heart raced —

“I was told that you have a broken piece of something?” Jun Linyuan said indifferently .

Sir Yan’s stomach lurched!

The broken star piece? How had His Royal Highness found out about it?

Sir Yan began to get a cramp in his belly .

“Show me,” Jun Linyuan gave him a brooding look and said in that arrogant and matter-of-fact tone .

Feng Wu eyed Jun Linyuan with an almost reverent look in her eyes!

She felt like giving him a thumbs up!

That was awesome!

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It struck Feng Wu at that moment that when one was so superior in their capability and status, they didn’t need to use any sort of tactic . Just like Jun Linyuan, all he needed to do was ask . “I want that and you’re going to give it to me . ”

Jun Linyuan was over the moon when he saw the fervent look in Feng Wu’s eyes .

Sir Yan despaired and he stammered, “Your Royal Highness… As a matter of fact, I do have it here, but the broken star piece can thoroughly remold one’s body… and I’m counting on it for my next breakthrough in my cultivation…”

As Sir Yan put up a feeble resistance, Jun Linyuan looked at him with a half-smile, and the curve of his mouth looked dangerously wicked .

With a wave of his hand, the proud crown prince said, “I won’t take no for an answer . ”

So, that was it… Who was Sir Yan to say no to the crown prince?

Even an experienced bureaucrat like Sir Yan was defeated .

“But… I can’t open it without my key…” Sir Yan made one last attempt to resist the request .

“Are you sure?” Jun Linyuan narrowed his eyes .

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Sir Yan fumbled around in his sleeves to prove himself . “I am… wait!”

His hand came out of his sleeve with a key in it!

At that moment, all eyes were on Sir Yan!

“Didn’t Sir Yan say that he lost his key?”

“Didn’t Yan Yan say that Feng Wu stole Sir Yan’s key to open the vault?”

“And didn’t Sir Yan accuse Feng Wu of doing that?”

“So, Sir Yan had that key on him all along!”

“That wasn’t a very nice thing for Sir Yan to do!”

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For a moment, everyone discussed the matter in low voices .

Sir Yan was the minister of the Ministry of Official Personnel and he was in charge of the appointment of all officials . Therefore, no one dared to question Sir Yan publicly, but it didn’t stop them from talking behind Sir Yan’s back .

Sir Yan was baffled himself .

How had this happened?

He was sure that the key had been lost…

Looking up, he was met by Jun Linyuan’s brooding gaze .

The look the crown prince gave him was worth a thousand words…

Sir Yan felt as if a big hand was gripping his heart and squeezing it hard!

What was more important? The key or his own life?

Without another word, Sir Yan left, still holding the key .

He soon came back with an exquisite rosewood box and handed it over with a bitter smile . “Your Royal Highness, here it is . ”

“Yes! That’s it!”

Before Feng Wu could say anything, Little Phoenix went berserk with excitement in the ring!

“Yes! Yes! It’s in the box! The broken star piece! You have to have it! You must!” Little Phoenix flapped its wings, its face flushed . “Get all five of them and your master will wake up!”

Feng Wu eyed the wooden box eagerly, hoping that Jun Linyuan would give it to her…

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