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Published at 24th of January 2020 08:20:10 AM
Chapter 365: 365

Chapter 365: A Set of Tricks

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“If that’s the case, why do you question me for being around Moon Tower?” Feng Wu darted a glance at Yan Yan .

Yan Yan didn’t know what to say .

Everyone else was confused and Sir Yan asked with a frown, “I sent Lady Tang that pot of grass . Is there a problem?”

Feng Wu smiled a little . “Not with the grass itself, but —

“Miss Yan visited Lady Tang’s yard a lot, didn’t she?” Feng Wu asked .

“Yes . ” Lady Tang wasn’t here to answer that question and her maid replied for her . Keeping her gaze on Yan Yan, she said, “Miss Yan would come from time to time and she played with that Dark Netherworld Dragon Tongue Grass a lot . We checked the soil in the pot afterward, but everything seemed alright . That was why we didn’t think much of it . ”

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“How stupid of you . ” Feng Wu snorted .


Everyone looked at Feng Wu in bewilderment . What was she talking about?

Just when they thought that Feng Wu was going to give them an explanation, she changed the subject . She gestured at Yan Yan’s flowing ginger-colored dress and said with a half-smile, “Miss Yan wore this dress a lot when she visited your lady, didn’t she?”

Xiaodie, Lady Tang’s maid, tilted her head and thought about it . Her eyes then lit up . “That’s right! This was indeed the dress Miss Yan wore when she came . Is there something wrong with it?”

The others thought Feng Wu’s reasoning was all over the place and were utterly confused . Yan Yan, on the other hand, had blanched . Glowering at Feng Wu, she said in an exasperated voice, “It’s none of your business what dress I wear!”

Feng Wu smiled and said unhurriedly, “Well, it’s not mine, but someone else may have something to say about it . ”

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After that, Feng Wu turned to Sir Yan . “This dress Miss Yan is wearing has been soaked with the colorless and odorless juice of Dry Ginger Grass . Sir Yan, are you going to ignore that fact?”

“The juice of Dry Ginger Grass?” Master Bai cried out in surprise . “A mixture of that and Dark Netherworld Dragon Tongue Grass can quicken the bloodflow, which can induce abortion if a pregnant woman inhales it for a period of time!”

All eyes were instantly on Yan Yan!

Yan Yan smirked . “Feng Wu, do you have any idea what you’re talking about?”

She then turned to the crowd and said loudly, “I swear that there’s no such grass juice on my dress, nor do I have any idea of the effect of the two types of grass when mixed together . Feel free to take this dress and check it all you want!”

Yan Yan sounded so righteous and sincere!

The looks the crowd gave Feng Wu changed right away… Was Feng Wu slandering Yan Yan now?

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Many had already gotten lost in the successive turns of events .

“Sure, I can do that,” said Master Bai earnestly . “Your Royal Highness, would you mind if I take the liberty to run the test?”

Jun Linyuan shot a quick glance in Feng Wu’s direction .

All she needed to do was yield to his power and he would be on her side . However, she only stood there, looking so sure of herself .

“Go ahead . ” Jun Linyuan kept his gaze on the girl as crafty as a fox, and snorted .

Feng Liu went inside and changed into another outfit . Master Bai then took the ginger-colored dress and was going to run the test .

Yan Yan darted a glance at Feng Wu, looking like the cat that had eaten the canary .

Seeing how confident Feng Wu had been, Yan Yan thought that the girl had figured everything out . As it turned out, she was just trying her luck!

Yan Yan was so proud of herself when —

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