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Published at 24th of January 2020 08:20:10 AM
Chapter 364: 364

Chapter 364: Slay It

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Feng said in an indifferent tone, “Sir Yan, His Royal Highness is only here to observe . Please proceed as you see fit . ”

He would be a bystander only and not take anyone’s side… Sir Yan was relieved to learn Jun Linyuan’s position on the matter .

Yan Yan was desperate to show off in front of Jun Linyuan and she spoke first . After briefing Jun Linyuan on what had happened, she turned to Feng Wu, her eyes glinting . “Tell us now: why were you at Moon Tower when everyone else was here? What else could you be doing there if not trying to steal my family’s treasure?”

Feng Wu had a brooding look in her eyes . She wasn’t paying attention to Yan Yan’s question, for she had a more pressing one herself .

Why did Jun Linyuan know about the broken star piece?

Had she let it slip somehow?

How could he have guessed it?

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That guy was terrifyingly smart!

“Feng Wu! Feng Wu!” Yan Yan kept her gaze on Feng Wu . Seeing that the latter’s mind had wandered off, Yan Yan felt ignored and humiliated!

“Huh? What?” Only then did Feng Wu come back to herself and look back at Yan Yan in bewilderment .

Feng Wu’s indifference only frustrated Yan Yan further .

“Feng Wu! Stop trying to avoid my question! The longer you stall, the more guilty you look!” Yan Yan said in an aggressive tone and tried to force Feng Wu to answer .

“Are you sure you want to hear my explanation?” Feng Wu gave Yan Yan a meaningful glance .

Yan Yan smirked . “I see . You’re not answering my question because you have no excuse at all!”

Feng Wu said grimly, “Yan Yan, keep pressing and you’ll be the one crying after I tell the truth . ”

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“Hahaha —” Yan Yan laughed as if she had heard the funniest joke . “Feng Wu, you’re the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever met! Please, don’t mind me . Just tell your story!”

Feng Wu darted a casual look at Sir Yan . “Sir, are you sure you want to know the truth?”

Sir Yan’s expression remained undisturbed, but his stomach lurched .

That was strange . Hadn’t Feng Wu lost her cultivation ability? Why did her casual glance feel like a dagger in Sir Yan’s chest? It gave him goosebumps all over .

Sir Yan was genuinely baffled .

He then decided that it must have been an illusion .

Keeping his cold gaze on Feng Wu, he said, “Miss Wu, please feel free to tell us what you have to say . With His Royal Highness here as a witness, I promise you that everything will be fair and square . No one will blame you for anything you didn’t do . ”

Any other girl would be flustered by the attention from such a large crowd, but Feng Wu wasn’t just any girl . Crossing her hands behind her back, she stood there ramrod straight and her limpid eyes sparkling .

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Turning her palm over, Feng Wu showed the crowd a cluster of green leaves covered with fine down .


Everyone looked at Feng Wu in bewilderment .

However, Yan Yan was astonished!

Her eyes spat fire as she glared at Feng Wu . “Where did you get that Dark Netherworld Dragon Tongue Grass?!”

“So, Miss Yan knows what this grass is . ”

In contrast to Yan Yan’s exasperated tone, Feng Wu remained relaxed and unhurried . It seemed that she had everything under control .

“You —” Yan Yan smirked . “Dark Netherworld Dragon Tongue Grass can strengthen one’s health, especially pregnant women . It’ll benefit the mother and baby both if they smell the grass on a regular basis . ”

“That’s why a pot of Dark Netherworld Dragon Tongue Grass was put in Lady Tang’s yard . ” Feng Wu nodded .


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