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Published at 24th of January 2020 08:20:09 AM
Chapter 366: 366

Chapter 366: Is That Everything?

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Feng Wu took Yan Yan by the wrist!

“You —”

Yan Yan glared at Feng Wu . “What do you think you’re doing?!”

Everyone else was also confused . What was Feng Wu doing?

Even Master Bai, who was ready to leave with that dress, turned around in bewilderment .

Jun Linyuan narrowed his deep-set eyes —

He knew it . The girl as cunning as a fox wouldn’t just stop there .

Someone as dumb as Yan Yan was never going to be Feng Wu’s match .

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Feng Wu raised Yan Yan’s right hand, exposing a red jade bracelet .

The bracelet reflected the bright sunlight and was so dazzling that it almost hurt the eye .

Feng Wu had noticed that bracelet all along and realized that Yan Yan had been trying to hide it… Hence, she deliberately drew everyone’s attention to the dress, which successfully distracted Yan Yan, who had kept that bracelet on .

Everyone realized in amazement that when Feng Wu took Yan Yan by the wrist, Yan Yan stiffened and blanched!

“Nice red jade bracelet,” Feng Wu commented casually .

Before they knew it, everyone was absorbed in Feng Wu’s narration and let her words guide their emotions . They were amazed and excited at her hint… At the same time, they had no idea that they were doing it .

“You! Let go of me!” Yan Yan struggled!

Feng Wu, a Level 9 Spiritual Master, was more than enough to keep Yan Yan from running away . Even without that cultivation level, Feng Wu would still make sure that Yan Yan wasn’t going anywhere .

Holding Yan Yan’s wrist as if she had picked up a chicken, Feng Wu removed the bracelet with a quick flick of her hand .

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“Give it back to me!” Yan Yan panicked and she stared at Feng Wu in fear!

Feng Wu knew it!

How could she?!

Yan Yan felt like fainting!

She had thought about hiding it!

When she went in to change her clothes, she had thought about taking the bracelet off and hiding it in the room . However, she had decided to keep it on, since Feng Wu didn’t seem to have noticed it, and she thought she could humiliate Feng Wu that way .

Hence, instead of taking it off, she wore it! And she had been so satisfied with herself!

If the others found out… She was never going to be able to clear her name!

At that thought, Yan Yan dashed toward Feng Wu frantically and took a dagger out of her sleeve!

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She was going to kill Feng Wu!

Feng Wu smiled a little . Instead of trying to fight back, she hid behind Jun Linyuan .

Yan Yan had to walk around Jun Linyuan if she wanted to kill Feng Wu .

Before Yan Yan could come close, Feng flipped his sleeve and Yan Yan was shoved away!

Everyone stared at Feng Wu and Yan Yan in confusion .

What were the two girls playing at?

However, there were quite a few smarter ones in the crowd and they had figured out what was going on .

Feng Wu raised the bracelet and said to Master Bai, “You’ll find the juice of Dry Ginger Grass in here . ”

She then tossed the bracelet to Master Bai .

So, that dress was only a distraction so that Yan Yan would give herself away?

Opening up the red jade bracelet, Master Bai took a sniff and his eyes lit up . “That’s correct . Although the juice is colorless and odorless, I can sense it . I’ll mix it with the juice of Dark Netherworld Dragon Tongue Grass and we’ll know . ”

He then took out a vial and mixed the two types of juices in front of everyone .

He waited for a few minutes for the reaction to take place, then took a sniff . The look on his face changed .

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