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Published at 24th of January 2020 03:50:34 PM
Chapter 363

Chapter 363: Jun Linyuan the Young Tyrant

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That was pure blackmail, but Feng Wu realized that… it was very effective!

“What’s wrong with you?!” Feng Wu snapped . “Do you enjoy picking on me that much?”

Jun Linyuan nodded sincerely . “I do, actually . ”

Especially when the girl bristled like a cat, but had to bend to his will… it was so much fun .

Feng Wu took a deep breath . What was Jun Linyuan’s problem?

From what she knew of Jun Linyuan, she had no doubt that he would be relentless if he decided that he would sabotage everything she tried to do .

“I’m not telling you!”

“The broken star piece?”

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Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan spoke at the same time .

Feng Wu’s pupils contracted and she stared at Jun Linyuan as if she had seen a ghost .

Jun Linyuan gloated .

“How did you know that?” Feng Wu lowered her voice and asked through gritted teeth!

The fact that he had mentioned the broken star piece meant that he was confident about his guess .

Jun Linyuan gave her a casual glance as if he had just heard an idiotic question . Instead of replying, he went back without Feng Wu .

The others were baffled by Jun Linyuan’s attitude…

Exactly what was the relationship between the crown prince and Feng Wu? It was so confusing…

“Boss Jun!” Feng Xun ran up to Jun Linyuan cheerfully and said in a hurry, “Boss Jun, has little Feng Wu told you everything?”

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Jun Linyuan darted a suspicious look at Feng Xun . “Tell me what?”

Feng Xun smacked his own forehead . What was he thinking? Little Feng Wu and Boss Jun were never on friendly terms, and of course Boss Jun wouldn’t help her . He must have lost his mind!

At that thought, Feng Xun kept his gaze on Jun Linyuan . “Boss Jun, you have to get it right for little Feng Wu this time, or those people will frame her for everything! I’m going to help her, anyway, so please just do it for me!”

Sir Yan almost exploded at Feng Xun’s words .

Had the boy forgotten that he was a relative of the Yan family? The way he put it, he was claiming that the Yan family was setting Feng Wu up… Exactly which side was he on?!

Jun Linyuan darted an indifferent glance at Feng Xun . “Feng Xun, you should take a look at yourself in the mirror . ”

Feng Xun said, “Whatever! You have to help little Feng Wu!”

All eyes were on the crown prince… Was he going to take Feng Wu’s side?

Jun Linyuan smiled coldly . “Childish!”

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The others let out breaths of relief .

There was nothing between Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu, for he had refused to help her despite Feng Xun’s pleading, which said a lot about how much he disliked the girl .

Many of the teenage girls were relieved at Jun Linyuan’s reaction .

Feng showed up then with a luxurious armchair and put it down where the host seat was .

Jun Linyuan sat down matter-of-factly .

And the others knelt again .

Feng Wu was the only one standing .

Feng Yanfeng thought he was going to have a heart attack!

What was wrong with this brat?! How could she still stand there?!

Feng Yanfeng kept shooting Feng Wu warning glances to the point of giving his eyelids cramps . However, Feng Wu still stood there as straight as a pine tree and as undisturbed as a secluded orchid in a deserted valley, like a winter plum tree .

Feng Yanfeng almost choked on his own spit! Why did the Feng clan have such a stubborn girl?!

Jun Linyuan’s cold gaze brushed past Feng Wu’s stunning face and landed on Yan Shifan . “Go on . ”


Under Jun Linyuan’s gaze, even Yan Shifan, the experienced bureaucrat, broke into a cold sweat .

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