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Published at 24th of January 2020 03:50:36 PM
Chapter 360

Chapter 360: His Royal Highness Is Here —

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Not only did Lady Wang confirm Feng Wu’s inferior moral character, she also took the chance to blame the beautiful lady for it . How cunning .

Feng Yanfeng cupped his hands at Yan Shifan . “Sir Yan, the Feng clan is ashamed to have a daughter like Feng Wu . I’m afraid that she’s too unruly for me to discipline; please feel free to do whatever you see fit to her . I will have no objections . ”

Sir Yan only smirked and said nothing .

Yan Yan and Feng Liu exchanged looks and both saw satisfaction in each other’s eyes!

Yan Yan held Zuo Qingyu’s hand tight, feeling utterly grateful for the latter’s help!

Zuo Qingyu was so clever, for the brief speech she had come up with not only cleared Yan Yan and Feng Liu of all accusations, but pushed all the blame on Feng Wu . That girl would never be able to clear her name and she would be condemned by the public!

Feng Wu was doomed!

Zuo Qingyu smiled a little and cheered inwardly . She hadn’t expected Feng Wu to be this vulnerable to attack .

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Feng Wu, on the other hand, had no idea of all the things happening in the main hall . After failing to open that lock, she took a detour and returned via another route .

Everyone was eyeing her in a suspicious and unfriendly way when she walked in .

Feng Wu could distinctly detect that change in their attitudes .

“Where did you find Miss Feng Wu?” Yan Yan asked the steward .

The steward, who had been taught what to say, replied, “Miss Wu was near Moon Tower when we found her . ”

And Moon Tower was very close to the vault!

“Feng Wu, what other excuse do you have now?!” Yan Yan’s face twisted and she raised her pointy chin in an arrogant manner .

Feng Wu frowned a little . She turned to Feng Xun, asking with her eyes what was going on .

Feng Xun said indignantly, “Yan Yan is framing you for stealing Sir Yan’s key, and saying that you’re going to rob their vault! Your uncle has also said that he would let Sir Yan punish you as he saw fit!”

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Feng Wu frowned and gave Yan Yan an indecipherable look . The girl had actually told the truth; it was just that she hadn’t expected Feng Wu to come back voluntarily after failing to open the door .


Feng Wu couldn’t help but dart Feng Yanfeng a look .

Her uncle was really an expert at trimming his sails .

He had been planning to offer Feng Wu to Jun Linyuan as a concubine just earlier today, but now, he had sold her off just to save Feng Liu and get himself the job he wanted .

Feng Wu smirked inwardly and lowered her gaze, letting her dense eyelashes shield the glint in her eyes from everyone else .

Yan Yan should have known better . The fact that Feng Wu had dared to leave the hall meant that she had a backup plan .

Feng Wu was anything but stupid .

“Feng Wu, tell everyone now: why were you around Moon Tower?!” Yan Yan said aggressively .

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Feng Wu frowned and was about to reply when —

A hubbub of excited voices came from outside —

“All hail His Royal Highness —”

His Royal Highness?!!!

Everyone was dumbfounded!

As in Jun Linyuan?

He was like the most dazzling star in the sky!

He was too superior and unattainable to even dream of getting close to .

Attending the same event as the crown prince was something worth boasting about for three years!

“His Royal Highness is here?”

Even an experienced and level-headed bureaucrat like Sir Yan couldn’t help but get flustered!

Fearing that his ears had failed him, he asked again, “His Royal Highness? As in the crown prince? Prince Jun Linyuan?”

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