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Published at 24th of January 2020 03:50:35 PM
Chapter 361

Chapter 361: Feng Wu Would Rather Not See Jun Linyuan Here…

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A junior steward nodded . “Yes, it’s His Royal Highness himself . And he’s come with his official guard of honor, saying that they’re here to celebrate our old lady’s birthday!”

Since when was the Yan manor important enough for the crown prince to pay a visit himself? Everyone was dumbfounded .

Was the Yan family about to get lucky?

Sir Yan shook with excitement . Lifting the lower hem of his robe off the floor, he dashed out the door!

Many officials were here today for the birthday banquet and they all dashed out after Sir Yan . Before long, the yard was filled with prostrating officials .

Those that had been smirking at and talking about Feng Wu a moment ago had forgotten all about her . They were too busy going down on their knees .

The officials knelt down on the left .

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And their wives did so on the right .

Yan Yan and Feng Liu stayed together, and right now, Yan Yan was chirping like a happy bird inwardly .

Jun Linyuan hardly ever visited any officials . Why was he here at the Yan manor today? Who was he here for? After racking her brain, Yan Yan arrived at the conclusion… that she herself was the reason .

Because of that, she blushed like a rosy dawn and her eyes were frighteningly bright .

Was the crown prince that into her? Gosh, she felt so shy at that thought…

All eyes were fixed on Jun Linyuan when he walked in .

He wore a black robe and had put on a glossy fur cape to fend off the draught . The outfit emphasized the distinguished air he was giving off .

He walked at an unhurried but intimidating pace .

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He paid his lethal charisma no mind .

There was an indecipherable look in his brooding eyes .

And his expression was emotionless .

A glance from those dark eyes felt like a sharp blade cutting into one’s skin .

“Your Royal Highness —”

The officials didn’t need to kneel in Jun Linyuan’s presence . No one remembered who started it, but somehow, everyone felt like going down on their knees whenever Jun Linyuan showed up, and they weren’t even bold enough to look him in the eye .

In all the years that the Junwu Empire had been established, this crown prince was one of a kind .

“Your Royal Highness —” Sir Yan knelt down at the very front, his expression very solemn .

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The others also lowered their gazes deferentially, not daring to take a peek at the crown prince .

However, Jun Linyuan’s cold gaze had been fixed in just one direction since he walked in, and he also headed that way with a grim look on his face!

Feng Wu frowned a little when she noticed that Jun Linyuan was coming her way .

She had prepared several backup plans for different scenarios in advance for this occasion . That was why even after the successive false accusations by Yan Yan, Sir Yan, Feng Liu, and Feng Yanfeng, she was able to remain unperturbed .

However, Jun Linyuan wasn’t part of Feng Wu’s plan…

Jun Linyuan, Feng Xun, and Yu Mingye… Those three were like her natural enemies . Each time any one of them showed up, she would be forced to face a lot of unexpected complications .

Before Feng Wu could react, Little Phoenix bolted up in the ring!

“Ahhh — it’s him —”

Poor bird . That first abnormal flame had been seized by Jun Rex and Feng Tutu, and the second one, which it had guarded with all its power, had been stolen by Jun Linyuan in the name of “saving Feng Wu . ”


Feng Wu couldn’t even force a smile at that thought .

Flames seemed to shoot out of her bright eyes .

Jun Linyuan made a beeline for Feng Wu .

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