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Published at 24th of January 2020 03:50:36 PM
Chapter 359

Chapter 359: Feng Wu the Scapegoat

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Yan Yan said earnestly, “Cousin, I’m telling the truth! Ask Feng Liu if you want!”

Feng Liu nodded . “I was acting as bait with Yan Yan, so that Feng Wu would give herself away . I bet you’ll find Feng Wu somewhere around your vault!”

In order to frame Feng Wu, the servants would make sure that they found her in that general direction .

Yan Yan and Feng Liu made sure of it .

Despite the earlier episode, the two of them were working together again .

That made the others wonder . Was it possible that Feng Wu wanted to steal from the Yan family?

However, what was here that was worth stealing?

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Sir Yan only found Feng Liu and Yan Yan ridiculous!

It didn’t take a genius to figure out how far-fetched Yan Yan’s accusation was!

However, Yan Yan was his daughter after all, and he couldn’t have her accused of harming her father’s concubine . Sir Yan didn’t mind if Feng Wu could be incriminated instead .

As for Feng Wu’s own future… After all, she was a good-for-nothing, and to make it up to her, he would give Feng Yanfeng that assistant minister position .

At that thought, Sir Yan reached into his sleeve .

All of a sudden!

He blanched!

“My key is gone!” Sir Yan’s pupils contracted!

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He was only going to make a show of it, pretending to have lost his key . However, he realized that his key was really gone!

He broke into a cold sweat right away .

All eyes were on Sir Yan .

He was sweating . What a great actor!

However, they still played along and asked, “Sir Yan, what key?”

“The key to my vault!” The corner of Sir Yan’s mouth twitched . “I have it on me all the time! But it’s not here!”

“Feng Wu took it!” Yan Yan bolted to her feet and her face lit up!

She knew perfectly well that Feng Wu wasn’t capable enough to take that key from her father, but she couldn’t care less about that rationale now . She would make it stick!

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Yan Yan said loudly, “Feng Wu pushed us toward Lady Tang deliberately, and Father, didn’t you walk past her then? You were so concerned about Lady Tang that you became distracted . Feng Wu took that key when you weren’t paying attention to your sleeve! She’s so cunning!”

Yan Yan would never have been clever enough to come up with such a speech . Zuo Qingyu had fed it to her word by word .

At that moment, Yan Yan had never felt more excited!

She knew that it wasn’t true, but her family would make sure it became the truth .

As for the Feng clan…

Well —

Feng Yanfeng was their current leader and he was Feng Liu’s father . Between a daughter and a niece, of course he would sacrifice the latter .

Feng Yanfeng had a habit of sitting on the fence, and he valued his personal gain above all else . He was the first to switch sides when his own interests were concerned . He took the hint from Yan Yan’s words right away and saw that his ideal choice was to give Feng Wu up .

“Feng Wu!” Feng Yanfeng put on an angry face and said in a regretful voice, “She used to be such a nice girl . I never expected that she would become this narrow-minded after she was crippled!”

Lady Wang chimed in right away . “It’s not your fault . After all, they’ve been staying in Northern Border City all this time and you weren’t able to give her guidance . Sigh… I’m afraid we’ve lost that old Feng Wu… How sad…”

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